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Jorge Viegas, FIM President © Good-Shoot David Reygondeau

This year marks an important milestone in the history of the FIM, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of our Ride Green Programme, which began in 1992, with a great group of professionals who were focused on preparing the roadmap for a sustainable future of our sport.

This year marks an important milestone in the history of the FIM, as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the foundation of our Ride Green Programme, which began in 1992, with a great group of professionals who were focused on preparing the roadmap for a sustainable future of our sport.

Three decades of impact in which for a long time we were totally isolated in the sports environment and in which only the Olympic Committee and some sports associations were clear about the fundamental role of sport in sustainable development.

If we started this project with the aim of defending our sport and reducing its impact, today three decades later, our vision is slight different: Use our sport as an facilitator of sustainable development and contribute to the world agenda 2030.
Both in motorcycle sport and in tourism and mobility we are embedding sustainability by developing fundamental issues such as education for our FIM family, inclusion, energy transition, noise level reduction, climate change, awareness and all this aligned with the objectives of the sustainable development amongst others.

Currently our promoters are investing in sustainability and carbon neutrality strategies, and we increasingly realise the importance of this topic in all the interest groups of our great family.

Our sponsors are progressively aware of the importance of sponsoring responsible products aligned with their strategies. We must offer safe, quality, and sustainable championships that enhance the brand of our sponsors.

We also have a large number of fans concerned about current issues such as climate change, pollution, noise who are looking for conscious and committed entertainment.

With these reflections I want to motivate you to join the actions for the planet and as the great community that we are, we join together to celebrate sustainable living during the FIM Sustainability Week, which will take place from 30 May, culminating with the International Environment Day celebrations on 5 June 2022.

With the theme of World Environment Day 2022 #OnlyOneEarth I wish you a great summer and a great season.

Jorge Viegas

Download FIM Sustainability Key Notes & Social Media Kit HERE


FIM AFRICA in conjunction with MSA will be hosting Environmental Webinars in April for current FIM AFRICA and MSA Environmental Officers or anyone interested in learning more about the Environment and Sustainability relating to motorsport.

The following sessions will be available:
* 5 April 2022 @ 19:00 – 21:00 (FIM AFRICA & MSA Combined Webinar)
* 12 April 2022 @19:00 – 21:00 (MSA Only Webinar)

The webinar sessions will cover the following topics:
* Introduction to the Environmental Codes
* The Environmental Responsibilities of Motorsport Role-players
* Duties of the Environmental Officer

We encourages participants with no previous Environmental Officer experience to attend these webinars.

It is important to note that in order for certification and licencing to be obtained a delegate will be required to have completed the webinar and online examination.

In order to secure your virtual seat, please confirm attendance for any of the above mentioned sessions by emailing your request to


The new environmental code 2020 has been now published. This year´s code is celebrating the 25 anniversary of the code that was approved in 1994 during the FIM congress in Kuala Lumpur and entered in force in 1995.

You can download the environmental code 2020 in English from HERE and in French from HERE.

Director of the International Sustainability Commission Katia Juárez Dubón comments:
“The FIM environmental code is a constantly evolving document and the first of its kind to be adopted by an international sports federation.”

Remembering the first launching she expresses: “There was an urgent need to establish these regulations in the light of pressure from our national federations, some of which were experiencing serious problems with their circuits or with obtaining permission to organise events.”

25 years after the first environmental code was launched the CID now presents a complete revamped document in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.


The FIM is organising within the framework of the World Environment Day 2020, an Online Conference “How to protect and foster biodiversity in motorcycle sport”.

Five top experts covering Sustainability, Biodiversity and Motorsport will present successful case studies from the field:

Kattia Juárez (El Salvador)Sustainability Expert and Consultant | Promoter of Sustainability in Motorsport | Environmental Management Specialist
Kattia is an Agricultural Engineer from the University of El Salvador with an MBA and a background in Sustainability Management from Cambridge University. With more than 20 years of experience, Kattia has participated in conferences and training events in more than 25 countries on four continents. She is the Director of Sustainability for the FIM (International Motorcycling Federation) since the end of 2010, and she has been FIM’s environmental delegate for more than 20 years. She is the creator of projects such as Ride Green Ambassadors and promotor of KISS Programme. She is the author of the Ride Green 25 anniversary book and other guides. Kattia has extensive experience in both sustainability and the motorsport sector. Recently Kattia has obtained a certificate in environmental standards implementation (ISO 20121) from the British International Standard.

Joan Fontserè (Spain) – Director of the Circuit Barcelona Catalunya
Joan has extensive experience in the motorsport sector, which is put to good use in his current role as Head of Motorsport at Octagon Esedos. His expertise has been instrumental in the Circuit Barcelona Catalunya winning the Environmental Award for a third time last year having previously also achieved this prestigious accolade in 2012 and 2016.

At the heart of their success is the fact they have invested to create an area which is sustainable whilst minimising environmental impact. Visitors to the circuit can enjoy and benefit from the transformation and creation of an amazing natural space which is home to many natural species. Equally the enormous natural area that surrounds the circuit is very important for its biodiversity.

MsC Mikael Norén (Sweden) – Former Motocross Rider
Mikael made the transition from racer to official by becoming a Member of the FIM International Sustainability Commission after he hung up his boots. As well as being a keen off road rider the Swede also has a Master Degree in environmental sciences/business administration, given rise to his work as a sustainability consultant, mainly in the motorsport sector and as the CEO for a sustainability company.

Mikael is also a consultant for the Swedish federation, his specialism is in recognising and refining the potential for biodiversity of motorsport tracks in order to shift the pattern in this area. He has participated in numerous seminars and national clubs, using his knowledge and passion to educate and raise awareness about the importance of promoting and caring about nature.

Dr. Professor Nils Ryrholm (Sweden) – The professor from Gävle University
Professor Ryrholm holds a PhD in entomology at Uppsala University having graduated from the Gothenburg University BSc of Biology, chemistry and others.

In addition to being a member of different Boards, he is a member of the Butterfly Conservation Europe and member on the advisory board for the Swedish national encyclopaedia. Alongside this Professor Ryrholm is a national consultant in environment and biodiversity issues for the Swedish motorcycle association.

Nils has lead different conservation projects and participates in different consultations related to climate in both the private and public sector.

He is an accomplished lecturer, keynote speaker and member of different panels for different European universities. Nils covers in trend topics as sustainable development, global warming, biodiversity, ecosystem services, habitat destruction, species monitoring and red listing of endangered species both on a national and international level. Professor Ryrholm has been awarded and nominated by several associations lately, and is an Honorary Member of the Finnish Lepidopterological society.

Dr. Ing Karl-Friedrich Ziegahn (Germany) – Member of the Board of Directors of KIT
Doctor Ziegahn’s resume is extensive and includes the following points of note: He is a Member of the Board of Directors of KIT, Head of Division “Natural and Build Environment”, is responsible for faculties (schools) on Civil Engineering, Geosciences, Environment Sciences and Architecture as well as for Helmholtz research programmes “Renewable Energies” (RE), “Energy Efficiency” (EMR) and “Atmospheric and Climate Research” (ATMO).

He has also participated in different appointments and honorary duties, the last of these was with the European Physical Society (EPS), plus he participates in the Advisory Board on Science Policy too.

In the sporting arena, Karl has been involved in different areas since he was a co-driver in rallies. His hectic schedule includes being the father of 3 kids who are involved in motorsport, plus being a sport and environmental licence holder and a member of the CID and Instructor of the CID. Currently Doctor Ziegahn is the delegate link for sustainability between the FIA and FIM.

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On this noteworthy occasion, the FIM wants to celebrate with you by sharing this easy quiz containing questions inspired on Earth Day test as well as other questions related to motorcycle sport.

The main objective is to continue to raise awareness about the importance of practicing sport in a sustainable way.

Test your knowledge – join the quiz challenge now by clicking here

Post your personal certificate of achievement
#EarthDay #FimRideGreen

Post your personal certificate of achievement
#EarthDay #FimRideGreen