National Motocross Championship – Round 4

Red Bull KTM have reason to be quietly confident ahead of the fourth round of the National Motocross Championship that is set to take place in Port Elizabeth this Saturday. The sand track of Rover is renowned for being tough and unforgiving and with most of the team leading their classes expect to see some fireworks on Saturday.

Freshly back from a stint in the United Kingdom, Tristan Purdon said he is looking forward to some big battles at his hometown track. He said: “I’m hoping my recent races in the UK added a bit to my speed and fitness going into this national. I’m feeling comfy on the 250 and the 450, especially on my home track. I’ve always been a fan of the sand” he added.

An elated Trey Cox who is currently leading his class said: “PE is the toughest race of the calendar, and it’s the race where you have to get as many points as you can and not throw away any points. I’m really excited, I’ve been putting in a lot of hard work and I went to Europe a month ago so I’m feeling really good and excited for this National. I’m leading the championship by 9 points now so it’s quite tight but otherwise feeling good and confident, ready for it!”

Also leading his class this time in MX2 Cameron Durrow said he is really looking forward to race in the sand in PE. “I really enjoy racing in the sand, I’ve been riding sand the whole year in Europe so it’s a round I’m really looking forward to” he added. He went on to say “I still haven’t lost any points since the first round in the MX1 Championship, so it’s still really close, and PE is a really tricky track so there is often some big change-ups that happen in PE when it’s in the middle of the season, else there is a lot of big changes if it’s in the beginning of the season, it doesn’t really represent the class.” Durrow also competes in the MX1 class where he will be hoping to get an opportunity to get some points back.

Expecting some fireworks, new to the MX2 class, Jono Mlimi has a score to settle sitting in the third spot “The calendar is a bit different this year, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what goes down in the sand, I am currently sitting 24 points off the leader in the MX2 class and in third place” he said. “There are only three rounds left, so I’m hoping to achieve the maximum points as always because it is what I train for” he added. This will be his first time racing a 250 in the sand and he is clearly relishing the prospect.

Another class lead for the orange family comes in with Luke Grundy, he commented “I was in PE two weeks ago and I really enjoyed the track and the way I felt around the track. I’m looking forward to this coming National and I’m hoping to extend the championship lead as it’s my first time with the red plate in this class”

He added “I haven’t really looked forward to a national like this yet compared to previous rounds because this is an extremely difficult track, but the same to the riders who know how to ride sand, will make it look easy. At the moment I’m feeling really good training sand so hopefully, I can take that to the national in PE!”

Published by: Louwrens Mahoney – KTM Motorcycles SA

Photography by Justin Reinecke – ZCMC Media


The launch of the official and dedicated website of the International Foundation for Motorcycling (IFM) – – marks an important milestone in the ongoing establishment of this new charitable organisation, with global supporters now able to make online donations towards the many and varied worthy IFM projects. The IFM was recently founded by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). The FIM being the long standing governing body for motorcycle sport and the global advocate for motorcycling.

Visitors to the new website will have the opportunity to learn about the IFM’s formation, board members, history and mission plus about the wide scope of work that it undertakes for the benefit of the whole international motorcycle community.

Listed under the ‘What we do’ section are the main areas of the IFM’s activities these include safety & advocacy; education & training; environment & social responsibility; promotion of women; touring & leisure; plus motorcycling heritage & legacy. Under each heading there are various individual projects that cover an extensive spectrum of work, all of which require donations from enthusiasts, manufacturers, promoters, motorcycle sport stakeholders and motorcycling fans to be able to bring them to a successful outcome.

Speaking about the recent launch of the new IFM website Jorge Viegas – IFM President said: “Motorcycling is a truly global family that stretches to all corners of the world, so it is important that with the advent of the new IFM website there is now a central focus point for everyone connected to two-wheel activities. The IFM was created to benefit the entire international motorcycle community and now people can understand more about its work and how their donations can directly help the many different projects it undertakes.”

Visit to learn more about the IFM and to make an online donation.


The MSA Motocross Commission is proud to announce that three riders will be representing South Africa at the 2022 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations, which is set to take place from 23 – 25 September 2022 at Red Bud Motocross Park, United States.

Without a doubt, the MXON is one of the biggest team events on the International Motocross calendar, with teams consisting of competitors from across the globe. The South African team will be competing against some of the best riders in the world.

The following riders will be proudly representing South Africa:

Camden Mc Lellan – MX2 class
Tristan Purdon – MXGP class
Cameron Durow – MX Open

Issued on behalf of the MSA Motocross Commission



This weekend the National MotoCross Championship heads to the sandy track in Nelson Mandela Bay for the fourth round. Husqvarna Racing have their sights set on a solid result after a slower-than-normal start to the season.

Michael Docherty said: “I’m looking forward to PE, finally had some time to get myself healthy again.” He added that “it’s going to be good racing with all the boys and been looking forward to racing in PE for many years now. My main goal is to go out there and win but it isn’t going to be easy as the riders here are riding at a much higher level than before, but I’m excited for good battles.”

Young Neil van der Vyver who is currently lying in second place in the championship is visibly excited at the prospect of racing on familiar soil. “I can’t wait for PE, it’s one of my favourite tracks because it’s so technical and the more technical it is, the better so I’m looking really forward to the race” he said. He went on to say that he is just a few points down in the championship and that the goal is obviously to win.

Josh Mlimi knows how tough the sand in PE gets and was cautiously apprehensive. He commented “I’m feeling really good, that is one step in the right direction, PE is always tough so will be looking to make up some points and just get comfortable again but most importantly get home safe.” He went on to say “I know it is not going to be easy for everyone so looking to be in the fight for as long as possible and get the best result”

Published by: Husqvarna Motorcycles


With its Women in Motorcycling Trophy, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) wishes to recognise and acknowledge those who have significantly:
• Contributed to improving and developing the presence of women in all motorcycling-related
• Encouraged greater awareness of women in motorcycling.

The FIM is therefore pleased to call for nominations for this annual FIM Women in Motorcycling Trophy.

This Trophy may be awarded to individuals, groups or organisations (e.g. CONUs, FMNs, clubs, organisers, promoters, circuit owners, manufacturers, teams etc.) who have made a significant contribution to raising awareness of women in motorcycling or who have implemented projects/initiatives to improve the presence of women in all motorcycling-related activities.

These projects, initiatives or contributions can be related to sporting or non-sporting activities. They should provide mid- or long-term solutions to help develop the presence of women in all motorcycling-related activities and have lasting effects and impacts on the awareness of women in motorcycling.

The Trophy may be granted for a single project, activity or initiative over the period 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2022. Nominations may be submitted by an FMN, the person(s) involved in the activity or by a third party.

The awardee will be invited to the annual FIM Awards Prize Giving Ceremony and will receive the Trophy on stage. The awardee will have the privilege to use the FIM Women in Motorcycling Trophy logo on all its related communications (print, web etc.).

Candidatures must be in English only and should be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 31 August 2022.

fimawards #motorcyclingis #fimfamily #womeninmotorcycling


The Women in Motorcycling Working Group are planning a social media campaign focused on the History of Motorcycling in Africa, highlighting the role women have on the continent.

We are soliciting your assistance in collecting as much historical data; photos, articles, information, or personal stories about the history of motorcycling and especially motorcycling sports or leisure activities in your FMNs.

Topics of interest would include:

  1. History of how, where, and when Motorcycles came onto the scene in your country?
  2. How did clubs/groups and activities develop around this?
  3. History of Motorcycling Sport development specifically, linked with AMU/FIMA.
  4. Stories/pictures/newspapers or magazine cuttings, both old and new, of people or initiatives that involve motorcycling that have made an impact in various areas:

• Leisure
• Sport
• Admin
• Riders, officials, advocates, trainers, organisers, and anyone in governance.

Any key milestones.

Highlights of any women who have had an impact in motorcycling in either:

• Adventure
• Advocacy
• Sports
• Role models

We would also like to select individuals to share their stories, focusing on what impact they have had with motorcycling or what motorcycling has had on them:

• Personally
• Socially
• Culturally
• Economically

Your recommendations or suggestions of people who would be suitable for this purpose would be welcome.

Kindly forward any information to my attention in soft copy, preferably via or the FIM Africa secretariat on by the latest 31 July 2022.

Feel free to contact me should you have any queries, comments, or suggestions.

Issued on behalf of Julie Matiba-Wahome – FIM AFRICA Women in Motorcycling Working Group Chair