World Environment Day 2020

Dear FIM Family,

I sincerely hope that you are well and that you remain safe during these difficult times, which has disrupted everyone’s life and halted all FIM activities for a few weeks now.

It is a pleasure for me to address you on this occasion regarding a subject that is a high priority in the recovery plans of our various sporting disciplines.

As FIM President, one of foremost commitments is the sustainability of motorcycling.
We believe that sustainability is one of the pillars on which to build the return of our sport. Before this crisis, sustainability was a high priority, but now we will come back stronger having adapted our objectives to the Sustainable Development Goals and to giving thought to polices that will reduce our greenhouse emissions and can be adapted to tackle climate change.

We are now ready to publish our revamped Sustainability Policy approved by the Board of Directors last February. This Policy includes the topics mentioned above.

We are working hard in the new electric championships and are also looking for new ways in our administrative processes in order to reduce emissions.

For more than a decade, the FIM has been working with the United Nations Environment to support one of their largest and most widely recognised campaigns namely World Environment Day. We continue to promote activities in line with the theme selected each year, and by inviting our national federations and organisers to join these campaigns, which are enthusiastically supported by our Environmental Ambassadors.

This helps us to come close to our community with a shared objective: to raise awareness and engage with shared action on this very important day, when we join forces to create awareness in all sectors of activity, not only for one day but in a lasting way.

This year the theme “biodiversity” is of great importance. We enjoy nature, but it is one of the greatest environmental challenges we face. This year the International Sustainability Commission introduced a chapter in the FIM environmental code aimed at protecting and encouraging biodiversity.

The FIM is supporting research in topics of greater awareness amongst the community such as “motorsport and biodiversity” a topic investigated by experts of a well-known European university with a view to minimising impacts and ?nding a sustainable solution to preserve our sport for future generations. Some scienti?c research has been carried out, the results demonstrate that motorcycling sport and tracks of all kinds can play an important role in preserving and promoting biodiversity through the activities performed on and around the various tracks.

I am inviting you to enjoy but take action for nature and be a part of whilst celebrating World Environment Day with us on 5 June by joining the events we have prepared for this occasion.

Together we can act for Nature and Ride Green !

Happy World Environment Day!

Jorge Viegas
FIM President

For more info about World Environment Day 2020 visit the official website: click HERE


For the first time ever and as a consequence of the sanitary protection measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FIM Board of Directors met via videoconference on 21 May 2020.

During this second 2020 meeting, the Board addressed many topics, in particular:

COVID-19 pandemic: The Board expressed its thoughts to all FIM Family members impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its gratitude to all FIM stakeholders working for the resumption of motorcycling in these difficult times.

Indeed, many sporting and non-sporting events were postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic and led the FIM to develop a crisis budget and to freeze many investments.

However, the FIM declared its solidarity with its FMNs, riders, organisers by taking the following main decisions:

FMNs were exempted of the 2020 membership fees, cancellation fees would not be applied should the events be cancelled due to the pandemic, project subsidies would be allocated, the validity of the officials licences would be extended until March 2021 and a 2020 FIM Solidarity Trophy would be awarded.

The Board also wished to highlight the strong support of and cooperation with its promoters during this crisis. The Board stressed its desire of being optimistic and not to let anything defeat motorcycling sport.

Sport: All sporting disciplines were discussed and impacted by this lockdown period with events being rescheduled or cancelled. During the times of the pandemic, the Board agreed to decrease the minimum number of events per series (in all the FIM disciplines) while still considering them as FIM World Championships or Cups and to allow the 2020 sporting season to extend in 2021 as a last resort to complete a FIM World Championship or Cup.

It was also agreed to reduce the promotional costs for the FIM Trial GPs and to apply no calendar fee for the E-Bike events. Ongoing and positive negotiations and communication took place with KTM/WESS with regards to the FIM Hard Enduro World Cup, it was expected that a final agreement be reached within a short period.

Early March, the FIM met with ASO, organisers, team managers, riders and manufacturers regarding rally safety.

The main objective of this constructive meeting was to reduce the number of accidents and to increase safety in all rally events, with a particular focus on the Dakar Rally.

The Board decided to launch a reflection on the esports opportunities.
Ethical Chamber: Mrs Clotilde GALY, former CJI Member and then Director for 25 years, was newly appointed by the Board to the Ethical Chamber.

Finance: The Board approved the 2019 Audited Financial Statements and agreed with a 2020 crisis budget as a consequence of the pandemic.
2020 FIM and CONUs General Assemblies and FIM Awards: These institutional events were also impacted by the pandemic.

The FIM Europe Congress had to be postponed and would take place, like other CONUs GAs, within the framework of the FIM GA.

The Board concluded that no date for the 2020 FIM GA and FIM Awards could be set for the time being, neither its format, due to the sanitary protection measures.

The Board decided to postpone the 2020 FIM Trophies Programmes to 2021 due to the lockdown which led to the impossibility for all those involved in world motorcycling to propose candidates.

We, the riders campaign (WTR): During this lock-down period, the FIM launched the #RidersAtHome campaign, which was supported by many FMNs, riders and promoters. The FIM digital communication significantly increased and served as support for the FIM Family to share solidarity messages and initiatives.

Seminars and on-line trainings: The Board also discussed the on-going revision of the training and seminar system with the objectives of mainly clarifying the education mission of the FIM, simplifying the organisation of education activities (seminars, training camps, internal formation) and creating a framework that defines roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Amendments to Codes: Revisions to the Statutes and By-Laws were voted on (submitted to approval by the GA).

Commissions: the following adjustments to the composition of the Commissions were agreed by the Board:

CJI – Member, Mr Santiago PUIG VILADOMIU, Spain (RFME). This candidature would be submitted to the GA for approval
CAP – Member, Mr Maksym SITNICKI (FMU)

In addition, the Board ratified the retirement of Mr John CHATTERTON-ROSS (ACU) at the end of August 2020 from the CAP and the resignation of Mr Michael WEISS (DMSB) from the CTL.

In addition, the CONU Presidents then reported to the Board on the latest developments on their continents. The Board Committees and the departments of the Administration presented the progress of their projects.


It was Brad Binder who smashed through the 100 Grand Prix wins for graduates from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup with his superb victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix; he was in the midst of a fabulous Moto2 hat-trick that left him just three points off the top of the championship table at the end of the year.

The ex Moto3 World Champion has a total of 35 Grand Prix victories to his name and has no doubt about the biggest early step he took on his path to stardom. “Joining the Red Bull Rookies Cup was so crucial. Without it I would never have had the opportunity to get where I am now.”

It was a family thing and great times with great mates

“My dad was always my mechanic, it was great, for me it was no different to when we were here in South Africa before going into Rookies Cup, my dad prepared all my bikes and got everything prepped, he did all the engines, he did everything.”

“In those days if it rained I barely finished in the points. That made things a lot more difficult for me in the third year. It all came back to the fact that I’d never ridden in the rain. My first rain race was the Rookies Cup race at the Sachsenring.”

“I remember lining up on the grid and not knowing what to expect. We rode off from the start, the guys rode away from me a bit and then I just remember thinking, ‘jees, the grip’s amazing!’ I did a few laps passing a whole lot of riders… then slung it…. It was crazy, you know, a whole new game to get used to.”

“When I think back to Rookies Cup of course we had great races but really the fondest memories are the camaraderie with the other Rookies, memories of hanging out with Arthur (Sissis), we had a great time hanging around the paddock and the Red Bull Energy Station. A great life with a great bunch of guys all doing what we wanted to be doing. Just chilling out waiting for our session, it was so cool.”

The jump into Moto3 – a team thing
“It was definitely a big step. The way you ride the bike and everything is quite similar but one thing I found quite difficult to adapt to was that you have so much more strategy, with like tyres, you have telemetry to follow. Everything is more complex, you have to give so much more feedback to get your bike set up perfectly for yourself whereas in Rookies Cup we pretty much have a setting that works everywhere you go once you’ve found that.”
And now to MotoGP

“It started off very difficult, it was actually really tough to adapt to the MotoGP bike when we did the Valencia test at the end of last year. But each day I improved a little bit and got a little faster and then after the off season we went to Malaysia for the preseason test and things were much much better I was a lot quicker, more comfortable on the bike and I could really make sense of what it was doing.”

The full, much longer interview text is available on the Rookies Cup website:

Published by:  Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup


As many countries continue to cope during the current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the motorcycling family is playing its part in providing help and support in a number of different ways, some more visible than others.

As often is the case, some of the most important work is being done out of the spotlight and by the heroes and heroines who prefer to be more hidden from the main view.

The FIM Medical Commission members are amongst this group of people, as they work behind the scenes to review / adapt current regulations in readiness for a return to riding and racing, and how best to minimise the impact of these activities on the health services in each country.

With no racing taking place right now, many of these same FIM Medical Commission members are currently working as doctors and health workers on the front line at this important moment, putting themselves at risk to help others, and it is them who deserve the biggest thanks of all alongside every other member of the motorcycle family who has played their part over recent times.

Click HERE to discover the individual portraits of the
22 FIM doctors fighting on the frontline #COVID19

FIM President Jorge Viegas offered his own words of gratitude: “At these kinds of moments, it is important for everyone to work together to overcome what is a huge global challenge. On behalf of the FIM I would like to say how proud I am of the reaction of the motorcycling family. From the most famous riders through to our own FIM officials, everyone has stepped forward to help and support in so many different ways. I would like to end by saying a heartfelt thank you to you all.”


Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship 2020 Calendar UPDATE 01 JUNE.

Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix cancelled

Due to ongoing health concerns and UK government restrictions regarding COVID-19, we regret to announce that the 2020 Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix, scheduled to take place at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium on July 18, has been cancelled.

This decision was made after careful consideration and consultation with the FIM, BSI Speedway, Principality Stadium, Welsh Government and Cardiff City Council, with the health and safety of supporters and riders remaining the top priority.

Due to the considerable logistical issues posed by the current circumstances, it was agreed that it would not be possible to stage the event at a later date in 2020.

Following discussions with Principality Stadium, we are however pleased to announce that the 2021 event – and still the 20th British FIM Speedway Grand Prix to be held at the venue – will take place on July 17, 2021.

Paul Bellamy, Managing Director & SVP of Motorsports, IMG, said: “We are extremely disappointed that we won’t get the chance to celebrate 20 years of British SGP action under the Principality Stadium roof next month.

“We know how much everyone looks forward to the British SGP weekend in Cardiff – a chance to meet up with fans and friends from around the world, enjoy great racing and experience the unique atmosphere generated by our thousands of fans.

“Our focus will now be on delivering a fantastic event on 17 July 2021 to celebrate the 20th staging of the British SGP in Cardiff in style.

 “Meanwhile we are working hard with the FIM, our venues and stakeholders on our re-arranged plans for the 2020 FIM Speedway World Championships presented by Monster Energy later this year and will issue further updates on that in due course.”

Triple world champion Tai Woffinden looks forward to returning to the Welsh capital next summer. He said: “The British SGP is always an awesome weekend, so I’m gutted I won’t get the chance to race in front of a Cardiff crowd this year.

“But that only makes me hungrier for next season’s event. The atmosphere is unreal. It’s always a special night and I can’t wait to be back in July next year. Stay safe and I’ll see you all then!”

We thank our fans for their ongoing support and look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix at the Principality Stadium.

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Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Grand Prix World Championship 2020 Calendar, UPDATE 01 JUNE.

Motul Grand Prix of Japan cancelled
The FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports regret to announce the cancellation of the Motul Grand Prix of Japan. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has obliged the cancellation of the event, which was set to take place from the 16th to the 18th of October at the Twin Ring Motegi.

The home of MotoGP™ manufacturers Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, Japan is vital to the global presence and success of MotoGP™.

The iconic Twin Ring Motegi has been on the calendar since 1999 and the FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports very much look forward to returning to race at the venue in 2021, in front of some of the most dedicated and loyal fans in the world.

Kaoru Tanaka, President, Mobilityland Corporation: “Mobilityland has been preparing for this year’s MotoGP Japanese Grand Prix, however the situations in Japan and Europe are unpredictable and the extension of the international travel ban is expected. As a result of our discussions with Dorna, the managerial body of the series, we agreed that we have no choice but to cancel the Japanese GP in order to complete the season.

“We understand that this is a great disappointment for fans and all related parties. We thank you for your understanding.”

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: “It is with great sadness that we announce the cancellation of the Motul Grand Prix of Japan at the very unique Motegi circuit, meaning we will not have a Japanese Grand Prix on the calendar for the first time since 1986.

 “The MotoGP family is working very hard to be able to re-start the racing season and hold as many events as possible, and in the safest way possible. For this reason, the FIM and Dorna, in consultation with IRTA and MSMA, have decided that, until mid-November, MotoGP will remain in Europe to do as many European MotoGP events as we are able to. Therefore, overseas events, if at all possible, should be scheduled after mid-November – which would be too late in the year for the Motul Grand Prix of Japan to be held.

“For this reason it has been decided, in consultation with Mobilityland, that the Motul Grand Prix of Japan cannot be held in 2020. I very much thank Mobilityland for the support given to MotoGP.

“On behalf of Dorna, I would also like to thank all the fans for their understanding and patience as we wait for the situation to improve. We very much look forward to returning to Motegi next year.”

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Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Sidecar World Championship 2020 Calendar, UPDATE 29 MAY.

With the ongoing impact internationally and continued travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the FIM and RKB-F1/Santander Salt Ltd organisational team have had to make the following changes to the 2020 calendar.

With the support of the Hungarian Motorcycle Sport Federation (MAMS), the round originally scheduled at Pannonia Ring on 27-28 June is now postponed to September, the new date is to be confirmed.

For the same reason, the British round initially scheduled on the 25-26 of July at Brands Hatch is postponed. The Promoter, the FIM and the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) are working to find a new suitable date.

We would also like to thank everyone involved for their understanding during this period, as we continue to work hard to preserve as much of the 2020 championship as possible whilst taking into consideration and respecting all the protocols that are in place and whilst monitoring all the national announcements day-by-day in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Further information will be communicated in due course.

Revised dates are as follows:

TBC TBC Great Britain ACU

29-30 August Le Mans France FFM
04-06 September Rijeka Croatia HMS
26-27 September TBC Pannoniaring Hungary MAMS
03-04 October Oschersleben Germany DMSB
17-18 October Lausitzring Germany DMSB
24-25 October Estoril Portugal FMP

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Please find enclosed the Press Release / MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship/ FIM Supersport and Supersport 300 World Championships.

UPDATE: 2020 WorldSBK season situation features positive prospects
Progress is being made in order to have the World Superbike Championship restart under safe conditions this season. The 2020 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship is working hard on resuming racing action for the remainder of the season, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Championship started in fine style at Phillip Island and now, Dorna WSBK Organization would like to issue an update on the plans to get racing back underway, with the initial racing plan taking place in the month of August once permission is approved.

The Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto should welcome the restart of the season on 31 July–2 August, before going to the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve in Portugal a week later on 7–9 August. The season should then follow our current provisional schedule, at the MotorLand Aragon venue on 28–30 August. The health of everybody is at the forefront of decision making and these rounds within the Iberian Peninsula are planned to be held behind closed doors, in-line with social distancing measures and medical guidelines set by the Spanish and Portuguese governments. Nevertheless, the situation is evolving, and we will adapt our protocols to the situation of the time.

Furthermore, updates have been made to the following events: the British and Dutch Rounds held at Donington Park and TT Circuit Assen respectively, have been postponed. The Dutch round itself has already been rescheduled once, from 17–19 April to 21–23 August. However, new plans are underway with the best interests in mind, given the current restrictions in place that affect major sporting events within both the UK and the Netherlands. Further updates for the end season calendar will be communicated soon in order to further clarify the calendar situation.

The FIM and Dorna WSBK Organization are evaluating the different scenarios and adapting to each situation in each of the countries we should visit on a day-by-day basis. Our gratitude once again goes to all parties involved within the WorldSBK fraternity for their continued support.

However, whichever decision is reached will have the health and safety at the forefront and that is something simply uncompromisable during these challenging times.

Gregorio Lavilla, WorldSBK Executive Director, Sporting and Organization Departments, said: Gregorio Lavilla, WorldSBK Executive Director, Sporting and Organization Departments, said: “We are very positive about the future, as all the signs are pointing in a good direction to start in Jerez. We are looking at all possible scenarios for all three classes to race, although we continue to work hard on finding the optimum scenario for all parties. A lot will depend on the mesures that various governments will implement As for Donington Park and Assen, we are working with the circuits and governments to establish the best possible outcome for all, with the intention to hold those rounds towards the end of the 2020 season.”

Any further updates will be communicated accordingly.

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Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Grand Prix World Championship 2020 Calendar, UPDATE 29 MAY.

British and Australian Grands Prix cancelled
The FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports regret to announce the cancellation of the British and Australian Grands Prix. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak and resulting calendar changes have obliged the cancellation of both events.

The British Grand Prix was set to take place from 28 to 30 August at the classic Silverstone Circuit. Silverstone hosted the first Grands Prix held on the British mainland from 1977, and MotoGP™ returned to the illustrious track ten years ago. 2020 will now sadly mark the first year MotoGP™ sees no track action in the British Isles for the first time in the Championship’s more than 70-year history.

The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix was set to take place at the legendary Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit from 23 to 25 October. Phillip Island hosted the very first Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in 1989 and since 1997 has been the only home of MotoGP™ Down Under – with its unique layout providing some of the greatest battles ever witnessed on two wheels.

The cancellation of the British Grand Prix also obliges the cancellation of the corresponding British Talent Cup track activity at the same event.

Stuart Pringle, Silverstone Managing Director: “We are extremely disappointed about the cancellation of the British MotoGP event, not least as the cancelled race in 2018 is still such a recent memory, but we support the decision that has had to be taken at this exceptional time.

 “I want to thank the stoic British fans for their patience and support.  We must now look forward to 2021 when Silverstone will once again host the fastest and most historic MotoGP race on the calendar and work hard to make it a truly exceptional event for all to enjoy.”

Paul Little AO, Australian Grand Prix Corporation Chairman: “We’re very disappointed that MotoGP fans throughout Victoria, Australia and internationally won’t get the chance to make the pilgrimage to see the world’s best riders compete on one of the best circuits anywhere in the world, but the right decision has been made.

 “The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix puts Phillip Island on the global stage and it’ll be back better than ever in 2021.”

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: “We’re saddened to have to announce the cancellation of these iconic events after finding no way through the logistical and operational issues resulting from the pandemic and rearranged calendar. Silverstone and Phillip Island are always two of the most thrilling race weekends of the season, with both tracks never failing in their promise to deliver some of the closest racing in our Championship.

 “On behalf of Dorna, I would like to once again extend my thanks to the fans for their understanding and patience as we wait for the situation to improve. We look forward to returning to Silverstone and Phillip Island next year for more incredible battles.”

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Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship & World Cups 2020 Calendar UPDATE 28 MAY.

Cancellation of the Silk Way Rally 2020

On 27 May, following the recommendations of the Russian Ministry of Sport and the Russian Automotive Federation, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, D.N. Tchernychenko, ratified the decision to cancel the rally’s tenth edition that should be run from July 2 to 11, 2020

The health of the participants and the public being the absolute priority, the Race Direction understands this decision, taken after an in-depth study of the situation and numerous consultations with all the authorities concerned.

Despite the huge amount of preparation undertaken by the organisation teams, the organisers are still confronted by numerous uncertainties concerning crossing borders, air traffic restrictions and other different quarantine measures still in force in Russia for foreign citizens.

Both a round of the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship and the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, the tenth edition of the Silk Way Rally that should have run from Moscow to Kazan in 8 stages is therefore cancelled.

As early as next week the organisation committee will meet to start work on preparing the 2021 edition of the Silk Way Rally.

Vladimir Chagin, Organisation Director: “We have done a remarkable job, but this decision must be accepted and understood. We have a responsible approach and today health is the absolute priority!

The worldwide situation is still very sensitive and we have to deal with quarantine measures in most parts of Russia. With those uncertainties, we are not able to finish preparation work, and then organize the event.

Next week we will take advantage of this enforced break to start, with as much enthusiasm as always, the organisation of the next edition that will be as exciting and thrilling as ever.”

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