Newcomers Mauritania has shown interest in taking part in the forthcoming FIM Africa, Motocross of African Nations (MXOAN) championship set for 6th-8th August 2021 at Victoria Raceway Park, Garuga Entebbe.

The north west African country is however faced with transportation challenges to get their race bikes to Kampala.

“We are in communication with Mauritanian officials who have indicated an interest to field a team for the MX African championship, but their race bike transportation is a problem,” said FMU vice president Motorcycling, Kisitu Mayanja.

Mayanja explained that, if they are to airlift bikes from Mauritania to Europe then Entebbe, it will work out to be more costly than hiring, and we have not a found a company/persons to hire from.

Angola would also like to send a team, but face the same problem. So far Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe have already confirmed their participation, ahead of defending champions South Africa and host, neighbours Kenya that still need to confirm.

Entries close on the 9th July 2021.

The rule states that; of the selected 5 riders in a country team, only the top two positions will score points for the Nation in each category.
A country can field only 2 ‘creme de la creme’ of riders in each class and win a country trophy.

Meanwhile, hosts Uganda are plotting to field a solid Mx1 team this time around, commanded by National team captain Maxime Van Pee who has just imported in a new 2021 KTM350 model bike.

Maxime will be supported by vigorous riders like Alistair Blick Junior son of eleven-time national motocross champion Arthur Blick Jnr who too will race in veterans class, Sam Foreman and Ashim Serwada.

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With registration now finally closed, after the extension decided to facilitate even those who were forced into indecision due to the pandemic situation, the 95th edition of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) in Italy has a full list of entrants. This includes 29 nations present and a total of more than 200 teams of which 160 will participate in the Club Team Award plus the entire Italian team of 150 riders.

At the time of writing, the 2021 ISDE has received confirmation that it has been approved as a recognised international event by the Italian authorities thus meaning that all participating riders and staff members are exempt from the normal quarantine requirements. Obviously all other COVID protocols and rules will still need to be respected, full details of which will be confirmed in due course.

National teams entered for both the World Trophy and the Junior Trophy include, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States The other federations that will compete solely for the World Trophy are Austria, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Venezuela. The Chilean and Norwegian federations will also be present with their respective Junior teams.

Eight national teams will contest the Women’s World Trophy: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In the meantime, the organisation proceeds according to the programme with the definition of the details of the route that will be developed for the first three days, mainly in the province of Pavia going up the Staffora Valley, and the following two days, the fourth and fifth plus a part of the third, in the adjacent Val Curone in the province of Alessandria.

The competition days will offer a single lap for each day with a diversified programme and route for day 1/2 and 3, plus 4/5. There will be six special stages on each race day, three cross tests and three enduro tests.

In the initial two days, the four scheduled time checks will be in Ponte Nizza (twice), in Casanova di Staffora and in Varzi, a total of 192 kilometres will be covered. There will be three time checks on the third day, in Varzi and Ponte Nizza (twice), about 195 kilometeres in total.

The fourth day will be spent in Piedmont with a tour of just under 200 kilometres used as it is also for the last stage: five time checks, in Monleale to and from the start, then Garbagna, Fabbrica Curone and San Sebastiano Curone.

The cross test on the sixth day, 4 September, has been moved as is well known, to the Tazio Nuvolari facility in Cervesina, which is about 20 kilometres from the paddock. A mixed dirt and 10% asphalt track in the internal area of the circuit will be created especially for the Six Days.

The appointment of the paddock at the Rivanazzano Terme airport is therefore getting closer and closer and the pool of organisers, MC Alfieri and MC Pavia in the lead with Giorgio Bandoli, Valter Carbone and Edoardo Zucca in command, is putting to good use the experience accumulated in recent years: for the MC Alfieri the know-how of the collaboration in the ISDE in Sardinia in 2013 will count for a lot, and for the MC Pavia the experience of numerous participations in the Six Days with the club team, with the victory in Argentina in 2014 , as well as, for the two associations, the vast experience in organising successful competitions at all levels.

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People, sustainable events, climate, awareness, governance, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals will be the focus of the FIM’s new four-year strategy.

We are delighted to share the FIM 2021-2025 Sustainability Circuit, The Future in Pole Position, as the inaugural activity of the FIM Sustainability Week (31 May-4 June).

Six strategic priorities have been outlined to build on the extensive work already carried out by the FIM’s International Sustainability Commission (CID), such as the creation of an organisation-wide Sustainability Policy, The FIM Environmental Code, KISS Programme and the Ride Green Ambassadors programme amongst others.

People, sustainable events, climate, awareness, governance, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be the FIM’s sustainable focus over the next four years, with a number of objectives developed for each category.

These six pillars are fully aligned with the UN SDGs, and mirror the format of the International Olympic Committee’s model of setting sustainability objectives for the FIM as an organisation, as a championship owner, and as the leader of the motorcycle family, to amplify the impact.

“At the FIM, we believe that making sustainability a priority not only gives us a licence to operate – it also futureproofs our organisation and our sport,” said FIM President Jorge Viegas. “It makes us more robust, more relevant, and more in-tune with our important stakeholders. This strategy is the next important ride on that journey.”

Kattia Juárez Dubón, Director of the FIM International Sustainability Commission (CID), added: “We believe in a sport beyond entertainment. We believe that our events can leave a legacy and influence behaviour change. We also believe in sport as a facilitator of sustainable development.”

The strategy was developed over a challenging year, with the support of the FIM’s Environmental Stewards and other interest groups and stakeholders. The Sustainability Circuit – which represents the FIM’s circular approach to sustainability and philosophy of continuous improvement – maps the six strategic priorities to build on the organisation’s three decades of positive impact, ever since it became the first International Federation to publish an Environmental Code in 1994.

The full strategy, The Future in Pole Position, can be found at:

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The Federation of International Motorcycling (FIM), through FIM Africa, has approved the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMCU), to organise the 2021 Motocross of Africa Nations Continental Championship scheduled for 6th-8th August 2021.

In a communication signed by the FIM Africa Secretary General to FMU, the event will be held at Victoria Raceway Park, Garuga along Entebbe road.


In accordance with the International Sporting Code of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, the competition, as approved by FIM Africa, clearly indicates that FIM Africa does not by the issue of the Permit, acknowledge or undertake any liability whatsoever.

It’s further outlines to organisers that :

FIM Africa shall not be liable to the Promoters, Organisers, or  any other person for any damages which any person may suffer as a result of the event or any occurrence or whatever nature running the event.

It is a condition of this permit that the FMN hosting the event has sufficient public liability cover, and a copy of the PL cover and policy will be sent to the FIM AFRICA Secretariat 6 weeks before the event for record purposes.

It concludes that: “It is a condition of this Permit that the promoters indemnify and hold the FIM Africa harmless for damages arising out of any occurrence at the aforementioned event”.

On receipt of the Permit numbered 002/21, FMU’s Vice President Motorcycling, Kisitu Mayanja, who was also appointed onto the Jury  as the Local Jury Member said, “It’s a great pleasure getting the permit in time, we await to accord the hospitality Uganda is known for and fight to rewin the title.”

Kisitu intimated that Zambia and Botswana, are so far the countries that have confirmed their participation ahead of the close of entries on 9th July, 2021.

FIM Africa also appointed Tony Rowley (Zimbabwe), as Jury President and Mrs. Gillian Dykes (South Africa) as the Foreign Jury Member.

Other technical personnel of the event includes Race Director, Jack Cheney (South Africa), Clerk of Course(CoC) Joseph Mwangala, Assistant Clerk of Course, Joshua Mayanja and Jared Kalera as Jury Secretary.

Noella Blick, wife to eleven-time National Motocross champion, Arthur Blick Jnr and mother of the Blick racing brothers is the Chief Technical Officer.

More countries are expected to take part in the Continent’s prestigious event.

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After a double victory in Aragon (round 1 of the 2021 World Supersport Championship which took place on 22-23 May), Steven Odendaal and Evan Bros. Racing Team continued their winning streak in Estoril last weekend, where they scored a third consecutive win in a dramatic first race on Saturday. Starting from the front row of the grid for the first time in his World Supersport career, Odendaal was on his way to clinch yet another win or a second position in the second race on Sunday, where he was only 0.1 seconds behind the race leader Dominique Aegerter when he was forced to retire due to a technical issue at the start of the final lap of the race. Odendaal was nevertheless able to maintain his championship lead with a 6-point advantage over Aegerter in second, heading into round 3 of the championship, which will take place in Misano (San Marino) on 12-13 June.

Steven Odendaal (1st position, DNF): “Going into the weekend after a double win, my goal was to qualify on the first two rows of the grid and finish on the podium in both races. I knew that this circuit would be a bit more challenging for my injured shoulder. The team and I worked really hard to give me the best possible feeling on the bike and we qualified on the front row. Both races saw some incredible battles because, same as last year, the times were very close this weekend and there were many riders who were able to stay with the leading group. I made a move on Philipp Oettl on the last lap of the first race to win the third race of the season. I knew that Sunday’s race would be very similar with many riders fighting for podium positions and I tried to manage my race and stay calm. I was in second going into the final lap and was studying Dominique Aegerter’s lines to make the move once again on the last lap. Unfortunately, my bike then stopped working and I had to pull over to make sure the bike was not leaking oil. We lost important points, as we were a few corners away from another win or a second position, but this is racing and the fact that we were in the front, fighting for the victory once again is more important at this stage of the championship. I would like to say huge thanks to the whole team for all their hard work and for giving me the package I needed to fight for the win in both races.”

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The Swiss Motocross Rider, Jeremy Seewer is the latest rider to be inducted as an FIM Ride Green Ambassador and will join Takahisa Fujinami, Greg Hancock, Marc Márquez, Randy de Puniet, Alex Salvini, Laia Sanz and Pablo Quintanilla in working for future generations by promoting a culture of sustainability in their day-to-day practice of sport and in their everyday life.

Multi FIM MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez was the first ambassador to be appointed when the programme began back in 2012. Since then further ambassadors have been added to the programme who represent different genders and cultures, motorcycling disciplines and geographical areas, this diverse team of top riders lend their voices to convey the FIM’s sustainability policy and help to safeguard the future of the sport.

Jeremy Seewer who has been participating professionally since 2011 and has achieved important results in the motocross championship since the junior categories has the worthy values and class to join the Ride Green team in this important mission, which puts top athletes at the service of humanity and the future generations. Along with the other FIM Ride Green Ambassadors, Jeremy has been invited by the FIM to be a leader and play a major role in the contribution made by our sport to achieve a more sustainable World.

Jeremy, who also plays the piano and can be found playing Mozart or Chopin before and after his training sessions, is fully aware of the responsibility that a rider of his stature has to promote better practices in the sport and champion for a sustainable sport. Hence he is ready to accept his mission as a FIM Ride Green Ambassador, which will include: Representing the FIM in environmental activities; Supporting the campaign through social media; Be the FIM Voice for the Ride Green Campaign.
Jeremy recognises that the riders have a responsibility to contribute in campaigns such as Ride Green and recognises the voices of the Ambassadors are a powerful force that can captivate millions of fans. Sport represents a very valuable vehicle for the shift in mindsets – with small changes that are simple to adopt, but represent a major contribution to the crisis and to mitigating climate change.

Speaking about his new role Jeremy Seewer explained: “I am pleased to have been appointed as an FIM Environmental Ambassador. It is an honour to be part of this select group of riders from all disciplines who have a great track record of social responsibility. As influencers and as professional riders we have the responsibility to set an example and to contribute to conserving our land, our planet. Because we are all users, and we must respect our resources in order to give future generations the opportunity to enjoy sport. If we achieve a sustainable sport, we will be able to preserve our circuits and provide the opportunity for our young riders to enjoy it just as we do.”

Katia Juarez, Director of the FIM International Sustainability Commission added her comment: “Today we are very proud to welcome Jeremy Seewer. We have been following Jeremy’s career for many years, and with my colleagues we are sure that he will be a great representative of the FIM environmental ambassador team. Jeremy is a very kind person with great values. We love to see him enjoy the magic of music and we consider that his strength as a racer mixed with his sensitivity as an artist will be a perfect amalgamation to represent our team of ambassadors. Thanks to Jeremy’s influence and popularity we can expect to see still more inspiration amongst our fans!”

Picture Caption: Jeremy Seewer is the latest rider to be inducted as an FIM Ride Green Ambassador © Yamaha Racing


• Zambia put entry as the first foreign country

Zambia is the first foreign country to confirm, participation in the upcoming Motocross of African Nations (MXOAN) championship, set to be hosted by Uganda from the 6-8 August 2021, at the Victoria Race Way Park in Garuga.

A team of 30 Zambian riders has been registered to compete in the continental championship, which was slated for 2020 but postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic that swept across the globe.

The Zambian team, together with their bikes, will privately be jetted into the country on the 4th of August, 2021 as per their communication to the organisers.

According to FMU’s Vice President of Motorcycling, Kisitu Mayanja, FIM Africa has already given them a green light, to host the event after receiving a report from their Director Sporting, Tony Rowley who was in the country a week ago.

“Our entries opened on 9th May 2021 and closes on 9th of July,2021, and we still expecting more entries,” said Mayanja via phone.

As per supplementary regulations of the event, each country will be allowed to register up to 5 riders in each class for the Championship, designated as official riders, by their Federation.

Riders must produce either a Passport or Resident’s Permit as proof that they are eligible to compete for their country, with the approval of their FMN.

Countries are allowed to enter more than 5 riders in each class, but on the understanding that only the five designated riders entered, will be classified as official participants for the team results.
If more than 8 countries enter, countries MAY be asked to reduce team entries.

Meanwhile, the Katende Brothers were in Kenya last weekend preparing for the continental race. We can assure you that Kenya is also arranging to ensure that they bring a big team for the continental event.

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KTM’s first ever MotoGP race winner, Brad Binder, will remain part of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team for the next three years and will celebrate ten Grand Prix seasons in ‘orange’ by the end of the 2024 MotoGP campaign.

The 25-year-old South African progressed through the KTM GP Academy structure. He competed in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, earned Moto3™ world championship success as well as 15 Grand Prix wins in both the Moto3 and Moto2™ categories with the Red Bull KTM Ajo squad, and then seized the factory’s maiden victory in the premier class during his debut term on the KTM RC16 during 2020, where he also achieved the status of ‘Rookie of the Year’.

Brad posted a new milestone at the Gran Premio D’Italia last weekend by equaling the highest top speed in the history of the sport at 362.4 kmph during FP3 at Mugello.

The new contract brings extra continuity and strength to the KTM MotoGP program, and Binder’s fighting spirit symbolises the way the manufacturer brings themselves to the track ‘Ready to Race’.

Brad Binder:
“I’m super, super happy to have signed again for three more seasons with KTM and it will take us up to ten years. It’s incredible to have been with this manufacturer for such a long time now and we’ve always had a good relationship. I’m extremely happy in KTM colors so it’s extra satisfying to have a long contract signed-up. It’s cool to have that belief and support from a company. It’s an honor. From here on we can focus on building ourselves towards the front. We are not terribly far away, and it would be really nice to do something great together. It’s exciting to see what these next years will bring.”

Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsports Director:
“This was a very easy contract for us to do because we love Brad as a racer and what he brings to the team, the factory and the MotoGP class. He was also very enthusiastic to make a big commitment to us and that says a lot for our progression and our potential in this championship. Sometimes you find a racer and a mentality that really fits with your own philosophy and the fact that Brad has come all the way to the top with us in a ten year period is a very special story. We’re really proud to continue racing with him and to keep setting new targets together.”

Mike Leitner, Red Bull KTM Race Manager:
“As Team Manager I’m happy that Brad has placed his trust in us for another three years. He’s a very strong rider with a strong crew and a strong factory behind him. We will push together to achieve our mutual dreams and targets. It’s great we have this partnership up to ’24.”

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Two-day Training seminar:

In a bid to prepare the officials for the forthcoming Motocross of All African Nations (MXOAN) championship, Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) rolled out a two-day training seminar.

Training was targeted at sharpening officials with the general sporting Regulations (GSR’s) of the sport, thanks to FIM Africa who partnered with Federation to make it a success.

Chief facilitator was FIM Africa Sporting Director, Tony Rowley from Zimbabwe,who familirised participating officials with sporting regs.

The two-day workshop was held at Copper Chimnery housed at Uganda’s National Council of sports (NCS) headquarters in Kampala.

Rowley later met up with government officials including National Council of sports (NCS) General Secretary Dr. Bernard Ogwel together with other officials.

Dr .Ogwel on behalf of government, promised support towards the continental championship (Mxoan) set be hosted by Uganda on 6th-8th August, 2021.

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KTM will count on two RC16s within the first three rows of the start grid for the Gran Premio Oakley D’Italia and the first of four rounds of MotoGP in the next five weeks. Brad Binder was the quickest of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing and Tech3 KTM Factory Racing quartet at a warm Mugello.

The glorious setting and the sweeping corners of the Autodromo del Mugello made a welcome return to MotoGP after missing the calendar in 2020. The fast 5.2km layout staged its 35th Grand Prix for what is round six of the 2021 contest and counted on warm and dry late spring conditions.

The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing and Tech3 KTM Factory Racing teams got straight to work optimizing the setting of the KTM RC16 to best suit the 15 turns of varying gradients and speed.

Brad Binder and teammate Miguel Oliveira were consistently hitting lap-times near the top of the leaderboard of the Free Practice sessions and also around the peak of the speed traps along the vast 1.1km straight. During FP3 on Saturday morning Brad equaled the fastest recorded figure in MotoGP history when his #33 KTM RC16 was clocked at 362.4 kmph.

The South African advanced directly to Q2. Brad reached as high as 3rd and was in contention for a front row slot until he rested in 6th for his highest qualification placing this season so far, just half a second from Pole Position.

The 23 laps and 120km of the Italian Grand Prix will begin at 14.00 CET on Sunday.

Brad Binder:
“I felt fast and I’m really happy to qualify 6th. I’ve been missing a decent qualification this season so far. The weekend has been going well and when I put in a soft tire I always seem to be able to find a decent lap-time. I couldn’t quite make the perfect lap today but I’m excited with the speed I have and to see what we can do in the race.”

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Today’s Gran Premio D’Italia Oakley saw Red Bull KTM’s Brad Binder equal his best classification of the year so far in 5th place.

Sunshine and 23-degree temperatures graced the return of MotoGP to the thrilling racetrack in the Tuscan hills north of Florence. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira started the 23-lap encounter from the second and third rows of the start grid and after the South African had guided the KTM RC16 to equal the highest ever MotoGP top speed on Saturday by clocking 362.4 kmph through the speed traps.

Although Brad made a lively launch he lost a couple of positions to hover in the lower top ten as he worked his tires and confidence up to effective race pace. The South African, making his first MotoGP run at Mugello, fought back to 5th and was less than 5 seconds from winner Fabio Quartararo at the flag.

The Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya will bring the championship together for the seventh fixture of the year next weekend.

Brad Binder:
“I’m happy with 5th today, even if I did want more but I had a crazy race. I almost tucked the front on the Sighting Lap, so I was trying to work out the conditions and why I felt different. I didn’t have a perfect start and then I was cautious on the first three laps. Marc [Marquez] rode into me and my airbag fired which meant I couldn’t move for almost a lap! After that I could finally get into a rhythm and chase the group in front of me although I didn’t quite have the pace to get through it. Anyway, I’m pleased with another top five and we’ll try to keep this momentum for the next races.”

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-FIM Africa director sporting appreciates works on Garuga race track.
-35 percent left for completion to required International standards.

FIM Africa Sporting Director Tony Rowley, appreciates the work done so far on the Garuga racetrack.

The breath-taking track will host the 2021 Motocross of African Nations championship (MXOAN) set for 6th-8th August this year.

Rowley, who first inspected the redesigned racetrack, applauded the organisers, FMU for the good work done on the track so far.

“The environment is quite good, work on the track, I can say is at 65 percent, and I think the rest of the work can be done in time frame of like three weeks from now,” said Rowley while addressing the media.

Speaking about a whole redesign of the track, designer Arthur Blick Jnr thanked FMCU, stakeholders and sponsors, for their efforts towards the event preparations.

Blick added that, it is a great opportunity for Uganda hosting the African championship, the last time he designed was in 2012, when Uganda lifted the African title.

Blick promised to have all work and markups on track as recommended by the FIM Africa Sporting Director, done in two weeks.

FMCU President, Dipu Ruparelia, thanked FIM Africa for the kind gesture of appreciating them as A Federation with a silver accolade, and giving technical training to his officials.

The continental event is set to attract riders from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Morocco, Kenya, Namibia, and hosts Uganda amongst others.

Uganda who are currently ranked third on the continent behind South Africa and Zimbabwe, respectively.

Hosts last won the African title in 2012 when the continental championship was held in Busiika.

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Fans around the world will be able to watch thrilling live coverage of the 44th edition of the 24 Heures Motos. Held behind closed doors, the first race of the 2021 FIM EWC season will be flagged off at 12 noon CEST on Saturday 12 June at the Bugatti circuit at Le Mans.

Fans around the world will be able to watch live coverage of the race. To ensure they do not miss out on the spectacular start to the opening race of the world Endurance season, the live coverage will start on Eurosport 2 from 11.45pm on Saturday and continue for the first few hours, and will then transmit the intensity of the last five hours of the race from 7am all the way to the finish line and the podium ceremony.

Eurosport France is also inviting fans to experience the magic of Endurance at night. Besides the start of the race, Eurosport 2 will provide live coverage from 7pm on Saturday to 12.30am on Sunday.

The full race can also be watched live online on Eurosport’s digital platform with commentary in English and French.

Beyond the Eurosport network, the 24 Heures Motos will be available for viewers throughout the world. In France, the channel L’Équipe, which has shown the FIM EWC since 2016, will provide live coverage of the race starting at 11.30am and return in the evening, then show the race live again from 7am on Sunday through to the podium.

RTBF Auvio in Belgium, RTL Play in Luxembourg, Servus TV in Austria and RTVS in Slovakia will all provide full live coverage of the race.

In North America, the platform OTT Motortrend will stream full live coverage, as with all the other races this season.
In Japan, JSports will show live coverage of the start on Saturday from 6.45pm to 10pm JST and again on Sunday from 5pm to 7.30pm.

In New Zealand, Sky NZ will show live coverage of the race.

The international platform will give fans a chance to see full live coverage in the Americas, Africa and Asia.

The highlights programme further enlarges the international broadcast of the FIM EWC. In Europe, the highlights will be shown on Sky Sport in Italy, Motowizja in Poland and TV3 Sports, a channel owned by the group AM Baltics. MAV TV will show the highlights in the U.S., SuperSport and StarTimes in Africa, Dubai Sports in the Middle East, Bein Sports in Asia, Nippon TV in Japan, Astro in Malaysia and True Visions in Thailand.

360 EWC Fan Tour
Eurosport Events is further enriching its 360 EWC Fan Tour experience, successfully launched last August at Le Mans. The interactive platform combines virtual reality and 360° videos. It will be available free of cost from midday on Friday 11 June on any computer, tablet, smartphone or VR headset on

The programme has 12 videos to transport fans to the heart of Endurance action with on-board tours, a street view-style discovery of the pitlane, a pit stop as experienced by a mechanic, and much more. Three live videos are also programmed before the starting grid and then in the pitlane during the race.

Don’t miss any of the action: follow practice and the race on the website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and via the live timing.

Eurosport International broadcast – 24 Heures Motos 2021