Environmental Checklist


General Information and DocumentationAdditional Reading:

Environmental Steward: Duties and Conduct
Ten Golden Rules for Environmental Stewards (English)
Think Green Ride Green BrochureTen Golden Rules for Environmental Stewards (French)
The Noisy Biker Fim Africa and Fim Africa Latin America
FIM AFRICA Environmental Award
FIM – Environmental Guide
FIM AFRICA – Disposal of Vehicle Fluids 
FIM AFRICA – Environmental Mats
Environmental Recommendations for Leisure Riders
FIM AFRICA – Wash Bays 
FIM AFRICA – Waste Oil Containers


Worldwide awareness of the environment and appropriate action are essential, since human beings continue to plunder the global environment and are failing to protect resources and ecosystems. Understanding of the environmental challenges we face remains alarmingly low.

We have a great opportunity to play a constructive role on environmental issues, both as a sport and also to inform our competitors and other stakeholders.  FIM AFRICA thus encourages all its affiliated FMN’s to draw awareness amongst their riders, clubs, etc about the importance of preserving our environment.

The following important dates are set by the United Nations and are internationally observed:

 2 February World Wetlands Day
21 March
 World Forestry Day
22 March
 World Water Day
7 April
 World Health Day
22 April
 Earth Day
 22 May
 World Biodiversity Day
 5 June
 World Environment Day
 8 June
 World Oceans Day
31 August – 5 September
 World Water Week
See Date per Country
 World Arbor Day
16 September
 World OZone Day
22 September
 World Car Free Day
6 October
 World Habitat Day

Other Dates

Date Description
2 February World Wetlands Day
20 March
 World Sparrow Day
22 March
 World Water Day
23 March
 Earth Hour
22 April
 Earth Day
3 May
 International Migratory Bird Day
4 May
 Greenery Day
22 May
 International Day for Biological Diversity
5 June
 World Environment Day
8 June
 World Oceans Day
15 June
 Global Wind Day
17 June
 World Desertification Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
11 July
 World Popilation Day
29 July
 International Tiger Day
16 September
 International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
17-19 September
 Clean up the World Weekend
18 September
 World Water Monitoring Day
21 September
 Zero Emissions Day
22 September
 Car Free Day
22 October
 World Planting Day
24 October
 International Day of Climate Action
6 November
 International Day for preventing the exploitation of the Environment in War and armed conflict
5 December
 World Soil Day
11 December
 International Mountain Day


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