CONUs are recognised geographic subdivisions of, and are accountable to, the FIM. There are six CONUs each named according to the continent in which it is located; FIM Asia, FIM Africa, FIM Europe, FIM Oceania, FIM North America and FIM Latin America.

Subject to the FIM Statutes, every FMN in the geographic area of a CONU shall by virtue of its membership of the FIM automatically be a member of that CONU.

The Presidents of the CONUs are ex officio voting members of the BD.

The BD may, in exceptional circumstances, authorise a CONU to grant membership to an FMN that belongs geographically to another continent and is not affiliated to the CONU on that continent, provided that the latter has no objection.

The roles, duties, rights and obligations of a CONU will be regularly determined by the GA and set out in the FIM By-Laws (as regularly amended) or in the role documents proposed by the BD.