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Uganda’s MX team has once again put a stamp on its intentions of winning FIM Africa Central African Motocross challenge title, after a two-year covid-19 hiatus.

Uganda hosted the first round of the regional championship at the Victoria Racetrack in Garuga over the Easter weekend.

A dominant performance saw Uganda garner 1245 points while Kenya could only manage to collect 566 points.

Tanzania the other East African country missed out on final nations classification, as they are yet to be affiliated to the world motorcycle body (FIM).

Living to their billing and didn’t disappoint the big crowds that turned up for the event, were the Katende brothers, Miguel and Jonathan who dominated the MX65 class with a 1-2 position finish.

Uganda dominated all junior classes from 50cc to 85cc as well as the MX2, MX1, and Veteran classes.

Jamaira Makumbi won the 50cc, beating Kenya’s Dylan Hatanga by 13 points, the class defending National champion Filbert Muwonge managed to finish third on his debut with 47 points.

Jerome Mubiru who came second on day one, took command of the MX85 class, winning the last two heats on day two to beat Kenya’s Ryan Tiren. Uganda’s Mubarak Ssenoga Mayanja finished third overall in the same class.

Kenya’s only consolation was in the MX125. Alex Kandie was dominant with Peter Magwa coming in third behind Uganda’s Apollo Milton Akena.

Kenya raised up again in the Ladies’ class with a 1-2 top finish through their riders Natalie Kandie and Ivan Yongo.

It was a hotly contested affair in MX2 that Kylan Wekesa commanded from the go as he also put in a row against MX1 riders Maxime Van Pee and new team captain Alestair Blick Jnr.

Tanzania had a two-man team representation after arriving on race day, and could only participate in two heats. Massoud Seif Khamis and Nassor Said Mohamed finish third and fourth respectively.

Uganda now puts her focus on preparing a formidable team that will represent the country in the continental championship, FIM Motocross of African Nations (MXOAN) set to be held in August at the same venue, Garuga Entebbe.

Published by: FMU Media – Frank Kaheesi

Photography by: Innocent Mutaawe


The growth rate and engagement of women in motocross is quite impressive for Uganda that’s in line with hosting two international events in 2022.

At race fronts, in the Junior classes, Abigail Katende took command of 50CC Jnrs waiting to be crowned champion.

She(Katende) didn’t easily sail through to winning a class title on a total of 285 points but had fierce battles with Faith Deedan and Mary Nakabugo until the last round.

This saw Abigail scope two tittles, as the best 50cc Jnr and best lady rider for the same class.

Battling with boys in the 50cc elite, Jamairah Makumbi proved mightier until the last race, when she only lost the title by nine points to class victor Filbert Muwonge who gunned a total of 279 points.
Muwonge got into a nail-biting situation when Makumbi won the second heat, and could only best breathe when he won the last heat of the three.

Abigail Mwagala had a clean sheet celebrating her title victory in 65CC ladies as she had no direct competitor, but try to match the top boys in 65.

The Lato Milk-sponsored Katende brothers, seemed unbeatable in 65 categories, as they dominated the 1-2 positions in almost all the season races,2021.

More talent prospects were witnessed in 85 with Jerome Mubiru dominating, and Shamilah Kateete commanding ladies, as her big sister Shadia Kateete commanded 125 categories.

Kylan Wekesa was fully blazing all season in 125CC, Paddy Roldin Blick in MX2 as his elder brother Alestair Blick Jnr who also juggles around motor rally navigation with their father Arthur Blick Jnr won MX1 title, and latter won veteran class after only participating in three races from a sabbatical.

2022 seems promising with more talents under recruitment.

Published by: FMU Media
Photography by: Innocent Mutaawe


The Ugandan motocross team is planning to utilise the Kenya National Motocross rounds as build-up ahead of the two big international events later this year.

Uganda will host the first round of the Central African Motocross challenge (CAC) in April and FIM Africa Motocross for All Nations (Mxoan) in August.

Ugandan riders will compete in the Kenyan MX round 2 scheduled for 20 February 2022.

George Ssemakula, who manages the Katende Team is optimistic the outing will be productive.

“We have two major events in the country that need more work to be done by the riders. We don’t want to be beaten at home.

“So we use every competition around us to gain some mileage,” Ssemakula who also doubles as Motocross trainer emphasised.

“We intend to do one round in Zambia as well;” said Ssemakula.

Besides the Katende team, there is a pack of other riders set to guest ride in the Kenyan event.

These include Filbert Muwonge, Jerome Mubiru, Haiden Kalisa, Jean-Manzi Winfield, and the Kugonza family that have so far been confirmed.

Filbert son to two-time National rally champion Susan Muwonge will compete in the Mx50cc, Jerome Mubiru and Telly Kugonza in Mx85, Trevor Kugonza in Mx125 while the Katende Brothers Miguel and Jonathan together with Haiden Kalisa and Jean-Manzi Winfield will compete in Mx65.

On return from the Kenyan round, the focus will be on the National Motocross Championship event at Garuga on 6 March.

The round two event was launched this week at the Attitude Lounge, Nalya.

The launch was graced by two stunt riders Ashim Sserwada and Robert Jingo aka ‘digital’ who demonstrated their skills, and later called on their fans to turn up in big numbers.

Published by: Frank Kaheesi

Photography by: FMU Media


On Sunday 30th January 2022, the Official Ugandan National motocross championship revved off in high gear with hair-raising displays at the Victoria Raceway track in Garuga.

The 50cc juniors to the 85 elite classes brought in a new breed of riders. These included Abigail Katende, sister to the Lato milk-sponsored Katende brothers, Miguel Katende proved mightier in 65cc, Filbert Muwonge, son to two-time National rally champion Susan Muwonge and Jerome Mubiru.

Abigail Katende dominated the 50cc junior lady category winning all three heats to cap the day’s effort with 60 points.

Muwonge got his best breath in the last heat when he managed third place, after a stiff chase with Jamairah Makumbi and Ethan James Blick Jnr, son to twelve-time National Motocross champion Arthur Blick Jnr.

Makumbi had a sublime ride to finish second overall, and with it 51 points, Ethan kept it on full throttle to win the last heat. That was good enough as he salvaged the class win.

The lethal Katende brothers entertained fans and kept them on tenterhooks with their high air flying stunts as they dominated the 65cc class. They finished in the 1-2 positions, with Zion Wekesa settling for third.

Jerome Mubiru took command of the 85cc class by winning all three heats.

Mubarak Ssenoga managed second place, with Ron Young sealing the podium slot.
Rahmah Nakachwa, the only lady rider in 65cc, garnered 60 points.

Despite the chase for points, the high blazing performance from Miguel Katende and Alestair Blick Jnr excited fans. Miguel threw in something in the mix as he raced against Veterans and gave them a run for their money.

Another lady rider that had the fans cheering was Rose Deedan Turinawe, a mother of two riders (Faith Angel Deedan and Aine Faith Deedan). She also put up good performances in the respective classes.

Officials are keen on building a formidable Ugandan team ahead of this year’s international engagement; the FIM Central African Motocross championship to be held in April and the FIM Motocross of All African Nations slated for August.

The second of the National motocross round is slated for 6th March 2022, at Victoria Raceway track, Garuga.

Published by: Frank Kaheesi
Photography by: Innocent Mutaawe