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GasGas Racing, a force to be reckoned with in off-road motorcycle racing, is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious Roof of Africa event through the skillful rider, Heinrich Aust and the exciting addition of 17-year-old sensation James Moore to the team for the 2024 season.

Heinrich Aust, fresh off an impressive Double Header Enduro win that earned him his first Overall National Enduro Championship title, showcased his expertise as one of the emerging talents in the sport. His stellar performance positioned him as one of the favorites for this year’s Roof of Africa, making it an eagerly anticipated event for GasGas Racing which was the brands first participation as a team.

The Roof of Africa proved to be a challenging battleground, testing the mettle of both man and machine with extreme heat and demanding conditions. Heinrich Aust, competing for the first time on a premier 300cc bike, faced formidable challenges head-on. Despite the adversity, Aust demonstrated resilience and determination, securing an admirable 11th-place finish. The GasGas Racing team is proud of Heinrich’s performance and sees great potential for future success as he continues to develop in his young career.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, GasGas Racing is excited to build on the momentum from the Roof of Africa. Heinrich Aust, with his proven talent and determination, is set to make a mark on the enduro scene. The team believes that Heinrich’s experience at the Roof of Africa has laid a solid foundation for future accomplishments.

In a thrilling addition to the GasGas Racing team, 17-year-old James Moore brings a fresh wave of talent and enthusiasm. Moore, who clinched victory on the final day of the Roof of Africa, has joined the team for the 2024 season. GasGas Racing is delighted to have him on board, and Moore is elated to ride the EC250F in the National E1 Championship.

James Moore’s addition to the team not only adds youthful exuberance but also augments GasGas Racing’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent in the world of Enduro racing. The team is confident that Moore’s skills and determination will contribute to the overall success and competitive edge of GasGas Racing in the upcoming season.

Published by: Grant Frerichs


Husqvarna Racing, a leading force in off-road motorcycle racing, took part in the 55th edition of the Roof of Africa, an iconic event known for its challenging terrain and demanding conditions. The Mother of Hard Enduro did not disappoint this year and faced the riders with extreme temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in the heat of the day.

Travis Teasdale, astride his powerful TE300, had high hopes after an outstanding racing season. Having secured a podium finish at the Roof of Africa in the previous year, Teasdale was poised to cap off his year with another stellar performance. However, the unpredictable nature of extreme sports unfolded, as the scorching conditions took a toll on his physical well-being. Teasdale was forced to make the tough decision to withdraw from the event on the final day, riding alongside the lead group of competitors after collapsing on two separate occasions.

Teasdale, reflecting on the challenges faced, stated, “Competing at the Roof of Africa is always a test of both skill and endurance. Unfortunately, the extreme heat pushed me to my limits, and the safety of my health had to take precedence. I’ll be back stronger, and I’m grateful for the support from Husqvarna Racing and our sponsors.”

In the Bronze class, Darryn Binder, joining his brother Brad, showcased his versatility and determination. Riding the TE300 for the first time in an enduro event, Binder faced a steep learning curve. Undeterred, he embraced the challenge, completing a grueling 17 hours on the bike over the course of two days. Binder’s impressive performance underscored his athleticism and adaptability, earning respect within the racing community.

Team manager Grant Frerichs commented, “The Roof of Africa is a true test of character, and our riders faced adversity head-on. Travis made a tough but commendable decision prioritizing his health, and although we are upset that we weren’t able to challenge for a podium spot we will do everything in our power to get ready for 2024 and come back to Lesotho fitter and stronger.

Husqvarna Racing looks ahead to future challenges, building on the experiences gained at the 55th Roof of Africa. The team remains committed to pushing the boundaries of off-road racing while promoting its partners and sponsors.

Published by: Grant Frerichs


The 55th edition of the Roof Of Africa, The Mother of Hard Enduro, witnessed KTM’s unparalleled dominance as the brand clinched an astonishing 64% market share with a staggering total of 359 KTM’s participating in the grueling event.

KTM’s stronghold on this year’s Roof Of Africa was nothing short of remarkable, with more competitors choosing the Austrian brand over all others combined. The sheer number of KTM motorcycles in the race not only demonstrated the trust riders place in the brand but also showcased the exceptional performance and reliability of KTM off-road machines.

The Brother Leader Tread KTM factory team, a powerhouse team in the world of off-road racing, brought their A-game to the event. However, extreme heat conditions posed a significant challenge, leading to the unfortunate withdrawal of top rider William Slater at the end of day 1. Despite this setback, the resilience of the team was evident as the two junior riders stepped up to fly the orange flag high throughout the demanding race.

Dylan Jones, facing some of the toughest riding challenges of his young career, showcased remarkable skill and determination to secure an impressive 10th-place finish. His performance underscored the commitment and talent embedded within the Brother Leader Tread KTM factory team.

Adding to the triumph, Matthew Stevens, a 16-year-old prodigy, joined an exclusive list of young riders who have conquered the Roof Of Africa in the gold class. Stevens’ accomplishment onboard his 150 XC-W not only highlighted his individual skill but also spoke volumes about the prowess of KTM motorcycles in the hands of emerging talents.

The dominance of KTM at the 55th Roof Of Africa reinforces the brand’s legacy as a leader in off-road racing, setting new benchmarks and showcasing the unparalleled performance of KTM motorcycles in the most challenging terrains.

KTM enthusiasts, sponsors, and the entire off-road community celebrate this outstanding achievement, recognizing KTM’s commitment to excellence and the indomitable spirit of the riders who conquered the Roof Of Africa aboard the Austrian brand.

Published by: Grant Frerichs


KTM South Africa is proud to announce the triumphant completion of the Roof of Africa by none other than MotoGP sensation Brad Binder. The formidable enduro event, held in the rugged terrain of the Lesotho mountains, witnessed Brad Binder’s extraordinary foray into the world of enduro racing, and the KTM South Africa team is thrilled to have been a part of this historic moment.

Brad Binder, known for his exceptional skills on the MotoGP circuit, harbored a long-standing dream of participating in the Roof of Africa. In a serendipitous turn of events, 2023 proved to be the year when his MotoGP schedule aligned seamlessly with the iconic enduro race. Seizing the opportunity, KTM South Africa joined forces with Brad Binder to transform his dream into reality.

Despite having only a mere two hours of Enduro riding experience under his belt before the event, Binder exhibited unmatched determination and adaptability throughout the Roof of Africa. His riding technique underwent a remarkable transformation, showcasing the true mark of a champion. Facing the challenges posed by the treacherous Lesotho mountains, Brad demonstrated not only his prowess as a MotoGP rider but also his resilience as an athlete.

After a grueling 17 hours on the bike, Brad Binder crossed the finish line in the Bronze class, marking a historic achievement in one of the toughest editions of the Roof of Africa. The KTM South Africa team is immensely proud to have played a role in Brad’s success and looks forward to witnessing more such milestones in the future.

Commenting on his unforgettable experience, Brad Binder stated, “The Roof of Africa has always been a dream for me, and to have the chance to tackle it this year with the support of KTM South Africa is beyond words. The race was tough and the heat didn’t help, but every twist and turn of the route made the victory even sweeter. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and this experience will remain etched in my memory forever.”

Brad Binder’s remarkable journey at the Roof of Africa adds another chapter to his illustrious career, showcasing not only his adaptability as a rider but also the collaborative spirit between him and the KTM team. As the MotoGP season drew to a close for 2023 Binder found himself in fourth place in the championship, fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing Brad Binder’s future endeavors, both on the track and off-road in 2024.

Published by: Grant Frerichs


What Roof of Africa Report
Where Lesotho
When 30 November – 2 December 2023
Community South Africa National

Wade wins again, Binders star, pain for Team Tork Craft

Mr. Roof of Africa, Wade Young once again conquered the Mother of Hard Enduros, Roof of Africa in Lesotho over the weekend. Young took his eighth Roof victory, dominating the Round the Houses and Time Trial on his Sherco on Thursday, and Day 1 on Friday, before bringing it home on to win on Saturday. Young is now one Roof win away from matching another South African legend, Alfie Cox’s nine wins.

Another South African international, Matthew Green closed off his Junior Hard Enduro career in second on his KTM from Brett Swanepoel on another Sherco. Saturday sensation James Moore, who was quickest on the final day on his KTM, ended fourth. Only twelve of the 38 Gold riders to start, finished the 2023 Roof, with Tristan Tamsen fifth on his KTM from Cody Webb’s Sherco. KTM quartet Kyle Flanagan, Jaco den Heyer, Thomas Scales and Dylan Jones followed from Heinrich Aust’s Husqvarna and Matt Stevens’ KTM.

Team Tork Craft father and son team Ryan and Reece Hunt were among the huge Bronze class entry where they rode with the School of Hard Rocks Club, a gang of weekend warriors and some more serious riders by the names of Brad and Darryn Binder.

“We had so much fun at the Roof of Africa this year,” former international and multiple SA champion motocrosser Ryan Hunt explained. “The Round the Houses was splendid and the time trial a real challenge, and the two race days ware as tough as ever,. It was also extremely hot throughout, with Saturday’s temperatures soaring even higher. So eight hours in the saddle each day was a huge test of endurance and stamina.”

Louis-Bresler Knipe won the most competitive Bronze class win on his Sherco, where 138 machines of the 232 starters made the finish. Shabeer Moosa’s KTM ended second from Tyron Bird’s Husqvarna and KTM trio Mike Morris, Chris Christodoulou, and Franz Cepek. Moto GP stars, Brad Binder became the first of his profession ever to finish a hard enduro in 88th on his KTM, with brother Darren 105th on his Husqvarna.

Tate Ströh took Silver honours aboard a Yamaha as 24 of those 81 starters made it to the finish. Daniel Peckham’s Sherco was second from Grant Burton-Durham on a GasGas, Andrew Houston’s KTM, Liam Elkington riding a Husqvarna and Kevin de Kock’s KTM. And Jack Brotherton led Charles Harrison, Frans de Klerk, Petrie Roodt, Nathaniel Do Amaral, and LW Nel home in Iron, where 32 of the 57 finishers made it home, De Klerk’s GasGas was the only interloper in a KTM Iron top seven.

Sadly for Team Tork Craft, Ryan and Reece Hunt were going well and looking good for a top 50 Bronze finish when young Reece’s machine expired with just 20 kilometres to race and dad Ryan retired in sympathy. “Suppose that’s racing!” Ryan concluded. “This year’s Roof was brilliant and we spent many memorable hours riding with Brad and Darryn Binder and the guys, so this certainly is one for the books. Well done to the winners and to everyone who finished. The 2023 Roof of Africa finisher’s badge certainly is one to treasure!”

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