The FIM – International Motorcycling Federation challenges all National Motorcycling Federations and organisers to organise various initiatives in the field of sustainability and for this purpose the FIM Sustainability Week was created.

The objective of this week is to promote initiatives in the field of sustainability with federations and clubs around the world, in order to contribute positively to the 2030 sustainable development programme, touching on economic, social and environmental aspects.

Today, the Escuderia de Castelo Branco, with the support of the FMP – Portuguese Motorcycling Federation and with the collaboration of the FIM Environmental Stewards, will hold the first Mini Enduro training, where children and young people participating in the national Mini Enduro championship and from the Escuderia Castelo Branco Enduro School will be able to practice the sport with Portuguese riders Gonçalo Sobrosa (Beta Portugal) and Rita Vieira (Yamaha Motor Portugal) who compete in World Championships.

Thus, the youngest will be given the opportunity to have a completely free internship with international riders, also promoting sustainability and Enduro among the youngest, encompassing the preservation of the environment in competitions, the separation of waste, healthy eating, amongst other important topics.

Young riders will also have the opportunity to try out some electric motorcycles, with this internship taking a futuristic approach, as Portugal is now starting to take the first steps in electric vehicles in the motorcycling championships.

The city of Castelo Branco, the motorsports park and the Enduro School will also be promoted in a sustainable way.

Pedro Mariano, FMP Enduro Commission President said: “The trio – Sport, Youth and Sustainability are inseparable. In motorcycling, Enduro is an excellent example due to all the measures adopted to minimise the impact on competition – ecological mats, ecological tyres, control of sound emissions, Selectivity of Places…There is nothing better than raising awareness among the little ones, and for that the Mini Enduro is the ‘School’ for training, not only for the rider, but also for the education of young promises. I think that actions like the ones we are carrying out are of vital importance for the sustainability and continuity of our sport.”

António Sequeira, Escuderia Castelo Branco President added: “The idea of this first training came up at Escuderia Castelo Branco, between the Management, Environmental Stewards and the School of Enduro, we accepted the challenge and got together in favour of sustainability and quickly the International Motorcycling Federation and the Portuguese Motorcycling Federation joined forces to this project, included in the FIM Sustainability Week 2022, for future generations of the Enduro Universe. The Escuderia Castelo Branco’s main objectives are to be a step ahead in sustainable development and to promote awareness of the conservation and protection of the environment.”

Kattia Juarez, FIM Director of the Sustainability Commission concluded: “Within our sustainability strategy, the support for the younger riders is essential. This project aligns with our environmental education and awareness programme. We wanted to support this because it has been conceived and organised by two FIM Environmental stewards who recently obtained their international licences and now we can see the fruits of our programme. We are sure this project will be a real success.”

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