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Trout Rally is once again upon us, but this year marks The Trout’s 51st Anniversary! 

That’s 51 years consecutively running, without a missed year even through all the ups and downs the past years have brought us!  It is the LONGEST consecutively running motorcycle rally in AFRICA!!   

“The Trout” as it is commonly known, is traditionally held in Nyanga, Zimbabwe – home of the Trout fish, with is beautiful winding roads and picturesque views. 

This year the venue is at Montclair Hotel, where it has been held for a few years previously.  We have entrants on all forms of bikes, from off-road, adventure, cruisers, superbikes, etc, and entrants of all ages too! 

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Shelley – e-mail or +263772105246