National Motocross Championship – Legends MX

The National Motocross Championship is set to come to a spectacular close at Pretoria’s Legends MX track this weekend. With four championship crowns well within their reach, Red Bull KTM will leave no table unturned in the final battle for motocross glory.
With one hand on the MX1 Championship title, star rider Tristan Purdon will line up with an impressive 29-point lead in the prestigious class. It’s been an unforgettable season for the Eastern Cape star who tightened his grip on the championship lead with a double victory in the last round.
Setting aside the comfort of the gap that he’s opened on his competitors, Purdon is ready to take the intensity up a notch this weekend and keep his winning momentum going. “It’s a pretty new track for all of us, which evens out the playing field and makes it exciting. Now is not the time to get complacent – I can’t wait to get out there and finish this season off strong,” said Purdon.
The rider won’t be as comfortable in the battle for the MX2 title, however, with Red Bull KTM teammate Cameron Durow breathing down his neck. In what is set to be an epic showdown, Durow will attempt to bridge the ten-point gap that separates him from the top step of the podium.
“It’s really exciting how close the battle is! I really enjoy the track – I’ve raced there a few times and feel confident on the circuit. There’s nothing left to lose now, this championship win is either going to happen or not, so I’m going to hold nothing back and give it everything on Saturday,” said Durow.
With a staggering 46-point lead, rising Star Jonathan Mlimi is on the cusp of snatching up the second High School Championship of his career. With rain predicted, Mlimi remains undaunted as he gears up for the season finale. Having experienced some of his best results in muddy conditions, the rider is ready for whatever the weather has in store.   
Like Purdon, Mlimi has set his sights on ending the season with a double victory. He explained: “I’m going to forget about the lead and approach this race like I would approach any other race – I aim to go for the race win in both heats and make sure I get good starts. This year has come with its ups and downs, but I’ve taken every hit and come out stronger. I want to finish with a 1-1 in both heats to take the victory overall.”
Also om the hunt for a national title in young gun Trey Cox. With a slender 5-point lead in the Pro Mini Class, the rider is bracing for the biggest battle of the season. Cox feels especially confident as the event approaches, however, and commented: “I’m feeling really confident for this one because the track is really fun, and I enjoy it. I know that I can do really well, so I feel calm even though there’s a lot of pressure with the points lead.”

Published by:  Louwrens Mahoney – KTM Motorcycles SA

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