Women motorcycle riders and motorsport enthusiasts on six continents and over 120 countries will take to their motorcycles to “Just Ride!”, Saturday, 22, August, 2020 for the officially rescheduled 14th edition of International Female Ride Day® (IFRD). The globally synchronized action will see women once again govern the world’s roads, tracks and trails for the single most powerful, and longest running women’s motorcycling action.

IFRD was created in recognition of female motorcyclists on a cause to make the world sit up and pay attention just one day out of the year. The visibility of the day continues to be important. The IFRD “Just Ride!” call-to-action evolved from the fight to make normal and known, the diverse numbers of women riding motorcycles. IFRD ensures women are well represented across all disciplines of the activity of motorcycling and throughout the Powersports Industry. The day similarly sets to inspire other women who have not yet explored motorcycling, to learn to ride and obtain their motorcycle license.

As with many events and happenings in 2020, International Female Ride Day® was rescheduled from its usual first Saturday in May. Naturally participants have been provided with complete Coronavirus guidelines on the IFRD website. These are provided as a supplement to any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations with which gatherings must comply.

Take the day to support women motorcycle riders in your region. There are countless ways to celebrate the day, safely while helping spread awareness of motorcycling and motorsport for women.

For more details:
• Visit International Female Ride Day® online.
• International Female Ride Day® on Facebook.
• Follow and use hashtags: #internationalfemalerideday #ifrd #ifrd2020
Download PDF version of this document.

For more info contact: Vicki Gray: +647.202.7112 | Vicki@motoress.com

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