Having worked with Clive Mawson for a number of years in the Touring, Leisure and Road Safety Commission of which he was the able Chairman, I was sad to hear that Clive died recently. He was a very efficient Chairman who conducted meetings in a disciplined, but humorous way.

Clive appreciated the effort being made in Kenya to encourage the wearing of safety helmets and he quickly realized that the Africa Concours d’Elegance which has been recognized and sanctioned by FIM Africa since 2006 illustrated the work of the Touring, Leisure and Road Safety Commission.

At the last meeting which I attended he expressed a hope that he would be selected to represent FIM Africa at the 2017 Concours. I was very happy that he was chosen to attend the event. His participation was top class.

From the time of his arrival on the Friday before the event he worked closely with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Committee which is responsible for running the Concours.

Clive’s Concours weekend started on Friday with the keynote speech at the welcome dinner for competitors from outside Kenya and continued with a pre event familiarisation visit to the Nairobi Racecourse.

On Concours Day Clive mixed his work with short breaks as a spectator. After the parade of all the competing cars and motorcycles he joined senior officials and sponsors for the awards ceremony.

Clive presented several of the top prizes to successful competitors and spoke briefly to give his impression of the Concours day. He was full of praise for the event and the additional attractions which included a motor trade section and the Heritage Collection of old equipment and machinery.

He concluded his speech by expressing the hope that he would be selected again to represent FIM Africa at a future Concours d’Elegance. Sadly his wish was never fulfilled.

Published by: Bob Dewar

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