2022 marked a, somewhat, frustrating year for the Husqvarna racing team as they were faced with turmoil through out the year as the team was plagued with injuries and even a forced retirement from the sport completely in the form of David Goosen. Nevertheless, the team diversified and conquered. With the help of heroic efforts from fill in riders and the remaining members, there were still fantastic results throughout the season.

To bring stability to the team across the 3 facets of racing, Husqvarna racing has acquired the services of 3 extremely capable riders.

Travis Teasdale is no stranger to the Enduro scene in South Africa and brings with him, years of international experience as he looks to tackle the Enduro and Extreme Enduro series onboard his Husqvarna te300 in 2023. Travis has proven his outright speed and phenomenal endurance time and time again and will look at dominance in the E2 and gold classes.

Published by: Grant Frerichs

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