50th Trout Rally Zimbabwe (1-3 October 2021)

Hi All,

Sorry this has taken a while to get out to you, but with trying to get answers, costings etc, it hasn’t been easy and takes a while!!

We are all hoping that we can go ahead with the 50th Trout as scheduled, but who knows with the way the world is so topsy turvy. We have just over 2 months to go, so fingers crossed some form of normalcy can return soon.

Montclair rooms, at the moment, are fully provisionally booked. I do have a waiting list. If you have provisionally booked a room, note that FULL payment for your room is required before it will be secured. Room payments please to be made by the 25th August 2021 to secure your booking. If you do not require your room anymore, please let me know, so I can offer it to the next person on the list!

** Please note that almost half the rooms are booked by International riders. Those internationals that have booked rooms, I know it will be hard to arrange payment, we have no idea about travel and border crossing, so this will be tough. I fully understand this. If you can at least just let me know if you are definitely going to try get here, I will hold your room for a little longer, unless you may have someone here who could maybe sort something for you.

There is a lot of camping space available for those who wouldn’t mind camping.

We are also holding an off-road ride on the Saturday morning, so if you’re interested in doing that, please get hold of Lloyd Meakin (his number is on the entry form). Please also indicate on the entry form if you are interested in doing this!

In all honesty, this is all not normal to work with and plan!! If by some chance we go into heavier restrictions with regard to COVID, we may need to postpone the dates. In that case, we can either hold your payments and bookings, or refund. Lets all hope we get the opposite and things open up!!

Will keep in touch, but for now, keep safe, keep warm and keep positive!

Thanks and regards,

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