The Swiss Motocross Rider, Jeremy Seewer is the latest rider to be inducted as an FIM Ride Green Ambassador and will join Takahisa Fujinami, Greg Hancock, Marc Márquez, Randy de Puniet, Alex Salvini, Laia Sanz and Pablo Quintanilla in working for future generations by promoting a culture of sustainability in their day-to-day practice of sport and in their everyday life.

Multi FIM MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez was the first ambassador to be appointed when the programme began back in 2012. Since then further ambassadors have been added to the programme who represent different genders and cultures, motorcycling disciplines and geographical areas, this diverse team of top riders lend their voices to convey the FIM’s sustainability policy and help to safeguard the future of the sport.

Jeremy Seewer who has been participating professionally since 2011 and has achieved important results in the motocross championship since the junior categories has the worthy values and class to join the Ride Green team in this important mission, which puts top athletes at the service of humanity and the future generations. Along with the other FIM Ride Green Ambassadors, Jeremy has been invited by the FIM to be a leader and play a major role in the contribution made by our sport to achieve a more sustainable World.

Jeremy, who also plays the piano and can be found playing Mozart or Chopin before and after his training sessions, is fully aware of the responsibility that a rider of his stature has to promote better practices in the sport and champion for a sustainable sport. Hence he is ready to accept his mission as a FIM Ride Green Ambassador, which will include: Representing the FIM in environmental activities; Supporting the campaign through social media; Be the FIM Voice for the Ride Green Campaign.
Jeremy recognises that the riders have a responsibility to contribute in campaigns such as Ride Green and recognises the voices of the Ambassadors are a powerful force that can captivate millions of fans. Sport represents a very valuable vehicle for the shift in mindsets – with small changes that are simple to adopt, but represent a major contribution to the crisis and to mitigating climate change.

Speaking about his new role Jeremy Seewer explained: “I am pleased to have been appointed as an FIM Environmental Ambassador. It is an honour to be part of this select group of riders from all disciplines who have a great track record of social responsibility. As influencers and as professional riders we have the responsibility to set an example and to contribute to conserving our land, our planet. Because we are all users, and we must respect our resources in order to give future generations the opportunity to enjoy sport. If we achieve a sustainable sport, we will be able to preserve our circuits and provide the opportunity for our young riders to enjoy it just as we do.”

Katia Juarez, Director of the FIM International Sustainability Commission added her comment: “Today we are very proud to welcome Jeremy Seewer. We have been following Jeremy’s career for many years, and with my colleagues we are sure that he will be a great representative of the FIM environmental ambassador team. Jeremy is a very kind person with great values. We love to see him enjoy the magic of music and we consider that his strength as a racer mixed with his sensitivity as an artist will be a perfect amalgamation to represent our team of ambassadors. Thanks to Jeremy’s influence and popularity we can expect to see still more inspiration amongst our fans!”

Picture Caption: Jeremy Seewer is the latest rider to be inducted as an FIM Ride Green Ambassador © Yamaha Racing

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