World Environment Day 2020

Dear FIM Family,

I sincerely hope that you are well and that you remain safe during these difficult times, which has disrupted everyone’s life and halted all FIM activities for a few weeks now.

It is a pleasure for me to address you on this occasion regarding a subject that is a high priority in the recovery plans of our various sporting disciplines.

As FIM President, one of foremost commitments is the sustainability of motorcycling.
We believe that sustainability is one of the pillars on which to build the return of our sport. Before this crisis, sustainability was a high priority, but now we will come back stronger having adapted our objectives to the Sustainable Development Goals and to giving thought to polices that will reduce our greenhouse emissions and can be adapted to tackle climate change.

We are now ready to publish our revamped Sustainability Policy approved by the Board of Directors last February. This Policy includes the topics mentioned above.

We are working hard in the new electric championships and are also looking for new ways in our administrative processes in order to reduce emissions.

For more than a decade, the FIM has been working with the United Nations Environment to support one of their largest and most widely recognised campaigns namely World Environment Day. We continue to promote activities in line with the theme selected each year, and by inviting our national federations and organisers to join these campaigns, which are enthusiastically supported by our Environmental Ambassadors.

This helps us to come close to our community with a shared objective: to raise awareness and engage with shared action on this very important day, when we join forces to create awareness in all sectors of activity, not only for one day but in a lasting way.

This year the theme “biodiversity” is of great importance. We enjoy nature, but it is one of the greatest environmental challenges we face. This year the International Sustainability Commission introduced a chapter in the FIM environmental code aimed at protecting and encouraging biodiversity.

The FIM is supporting research in topics of greater awareness amongst the community such as “motorsport and biodiversity” a topic investigated by experts of a well-known European university with a view to minimising impacts and ?nding a sustainable solution to preserve our sport for future generations. Some scienti?c research has been carried out, the results demonstrate that motorcycling sport and tracks of all kinds can play an important role in preserving and promoting biodiversity through the activities performed on and around the various tracks.

I am inviting you to enjoy but take action for nature and be a part of whilst celebrating World Environment Day with us on 5 June by joining the events we have prepared for this occasion.

Together we can act for Nature and Ride Green !

Happy World Environment Day!

Jorge Viegas
FIM President

For more info about World Environment Day 2020 visit the official website: click HERE

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