Around 150 riders from 29 countries competed in the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship/Cup from 27-28 August 2022 in Vantaa, Finland.

At the event, Team South Africa was declared the winner of the FIM’s Ride Green Cup as the national team that demonstrated the highest degree of environmental awareness through compliance with the principles of the FIM Environmental Code and crusading for positive environmental actions.

This award was organised by the FIM’s Sustainability Commission in cooperation with the event promoter and organiser.

The primary goal of the Ride Green Cup is to educate and motivate young riders and their support teams about the importance of taking care of our natural environment. It also encourages teamwork, improves the image of motorcycle sport, encourages healthier living and reduces the environmental footprint of the particular event.

The winning team was chosen by a panel of environmental and sustainability experts, which were present during the weekend to evaluate and advise the teams.

During the event, the members of the teams (riders, mechanics, staff, etc.) were all invited to show their commitment by signing a banner and sharing pictures or videos on Instagram and other social media platforms. The objective was to raise awareness and to become a positive influencer amongst the followers and fans of Motocross.  Teams were judged on the general environmental management of the team and compliance with the FIM Environmental Code.

Trey Cox (Team Captain) and Neville Townsend (Team Manager) said that the South African team took on the pledge to uphold the Ride Green environmental code with pride at the start of the event. The entire team was extremely conscious of the environmental impact aspect and practiced proper waste disposal and litter management, and upheld the overall code for a greener environment in all aspects of the sport.  It was inspiring to see the South African team going the extra mile to embrace the Ride Green initiative, aimed at ensuring the future of the sport.  It is hoped that the team members will uphold these values going forward when they race within South Africa, thereby setting a good example for local riders and teams, both current and future.  

The entire 2022 South African Junior Motocross team is extremely proud to have been awarded the prestigious FIM Ride Green Cup Award for 2022 and thanks FIM and Motorsport South Africa for the amazing opportunity.

Motorsport South Africa extends hearty congratulations to the team on its outstanding achievement.  You have all done yourselves and your country proud!

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