The FIM is committed to promoting the welfare of all the FIM Family Members and wants to provide a safe environment for everyone wishing to participate in our sport.

Lately the FIM has made several actions to improve the welfare of all the FIM Family members including the riders and the officials.

To be able to better support the female riders the FIM has created a new volunteer position titled – Female Riders Focal Point. The FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM) Expert member Pippa Laverty was appointed to the position, and she will act as a contact person for all female riders competing at international level. With the support of the CFM she will also create a support network group amongst the female riders and women working within the FIM events.

The FIM also starts to educate the officials to provide them with proper tools to face possible discrimination situations in the field. Further developments in relation to the FIM Code of Ethics and safeguarding will follow.

The safeguarding work also includes protecting the children and for example FIM Latin America has recently started to provide informative content to the parents’ of successful junior riders regarding the pressure they can experience with good results.

The FIM expects everyone to join the mission to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in the world of motorcycling.

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