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This weekend marks the start of the 2022 National Motocross Championship. The first round of the series takes riders to the Western Cape’s Zone 7 – a track that gives Husqvarna Racing’s David Goosen and Neil van der Vyver the home ground advantage. Also joining the team this year is the talent-tacked Davin Cocker, who will make a welcomed return to motocross racing in the MX2 Class.

Goosen will spearhead the hunt for national titles in the MX1 and MX2 Championship this season. As he gears up to chase motocross glory on his Husqvarna FC 450 and FC 250, we catch up with the rider about his thoughts for the new season:

You came so close to snatching national glory last year. What are the greatest lessons from last season that could help you get your hands on those titles in 2022?

The best way to describe last season is “steady”. There wasn’t that excitement that comes from knowing I was riding to my full potential. I was consistent and close to the championship, but I ended the season wanting to push for more. I’ve spent the off season preparing myself to take things to the next level.

Tell us about your weapons of choice this season.

The Husqvarna FC 250 and FC 450 is what we’ll be running with this season. I’m starting right where I left off with these bikes – I spent last season finding the perfect setup, so there’s no more fiddling anymore. That’s a great place to be in! I really do enjoy these motorcycles – they’re fast, nimble and handle well. I’m very excited to be on them again.

Is there anything new you’ve been working on in the off season that could possibly give you an extra edge?

The biggest thing is consistency in my training. Working full time makes it hard to train as much as I would like to, so I’ve found a way to start to take some time off during the week to ride now. That’s the first time in a few years that I’ve managed to do that and it’s going to be massive in my preparations. I’m also doing a lot of running recently to up my fitness, which has been an exciting addition to the programme.

What are your short-term goals with the Husqvarna Racing team?

I think we all have the same short-term goals – to win. As one of the oldest riders in the paddock now, winning a premier championship would be a dream come true. I’ve had so many second places, so to end my career with another win would be incredible.

What are your bigger, long-term goals as a motocross rider?

I feel like this is one of my strong points – I had a real good go at trying to make a career of racing overseas. I came back to South Africa, however, and realised that I wanted to focus on building career that wasn’t just racing. I’ve managed to build up a business in the motorcycle trade that I really enjoy, but still get to live out my passion for racing at the same time. I’m so content knowing that once my racing career is over, I still get to succeed in my job. I love that racing gave me another career choice that I really enjoy.

The first round of the season is coming up soon. What your thoughts about this event?

As a Cape Town based rider, I’m very excited to have the home ground advantage! I felt like I flew to Joburg a lot last season, so to have a race on here for a change is extremely exciting. With that being said, there are going to be a lot of good riders traveling here – so I know that the fact that it’s a familiar track won’t make the racing any less challenging.

Published by: Grant Frerichs

Picture Caption: David Goosen when he first joined the Husqvarna family.

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