People, sustainable events, climate, awareness, governance, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals will be the focus of the FIM’s new four-year strategy.

We are delighted to share the FIM 2021-2025 Sustainability Circuit, The Future in Pole Position, as the inaugural activity of the FIM Sustainability Week (31 May-4 June).

Six strategic priorities have been outlined to build on the extensive work already carried out by the FIM’s International Sustainability Commission (CID), such as the creation of an organisation-wide Sustainability Policy, The FIM Environmental Code, KISS Programme and the Ride Green Ambassadors programme amongst others.

People, sustainable events, climate, awareness, governance, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be the FIM’s sustainable focus over the next four years, with a number of objectives developed for each category.

These six pillars are fully aligned with the UN SDGs, and mirror the format of the International Olympic Committee’s model of setting sustainability objectives for the FIM as an organisation, as a championship owner, and as the leader of the motorcycle family, to amplify the impact.

“At the FIM, we believe that making sustainability a priority not only gives us a licence to operate – it also futureproofs our organisation and our sport,” said FIM President Jorge Viegas. “It makes us more robust, more relevant, and more in-tune with our important stakeholders. This strategy is the next important ride on that journey.”

Kattia Juárez Dubón, Director of the FIM International Sustainability Commission (CID), added: “We believe in a sport beyond entertainment. We believe that our events can leave a legacy and influence behaviour change. We also believe in sport as a facilitator of sustainable development.”

The strategy was developed over a challenging year, with the support of the FIM’s Environmental Stewards and other interest groups and stakeholders. The Sustainability Circuit – which represents the FIM’s circular approach to sustainability and philosophy of continuous improvement – maps the six strategic priorities to build on the organisation’s three decades of positive impact, ever since it became the first International Federation to publish an Environmental Code in 1994.

The full strategy, The Future in Pole Position, can be found at:

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