Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Speedway U21 World Championship

Entry List – Pardubice (CZE), 02 October 2020

The riders registered for the Czech round have been selected by the FIM Speedway U21/Youth Commission upon proposal from their respective Federations.

As a consequence of the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the 2020 FIM Speedway U21 World Championship will comprise a single event which will be held in Pardubice (CZE) on Friday 2 October.

A national wild card and two track reserves will be nominated by the Autoklub of the Czech Republic (ACCR) and will be approved by FIM U21-Youth Commission.

Riding N. TBA    Name    FMN    Country

  •     Niklas Säyriö    SML    Finland
  •     Alexander Woentin    SVEMO    Sweden
  •     Vitaly Kotlyar    MFR    Russia
  •     Lukas Fienhage    DMSB    Germany
  •     Daniel Bewley    ACU    Great Britain
  •     Olegs Mihailovs    LaMSF    Latvia
  •     Dominik Kubera    PZM    Poland
  •     Marko Levyshyn    FMU    Ukraine
  •     Steven Goret    FFM    France
  •     Jan Kvech    ACCR    Czech Republic
  •     Wiktor Lampart    PZM    Poland
  •     Luke Becker    AMA    USA
  •     Jaimon Lidsey    MA    Australia
  •     Mads Hansen    DMU    Denmark
  •     Mattia Lenarduzzi    FMI    Italy
  • 16 (Wild Card)    TBA    ACCR    Czech Republic
  • 17 (Reserve)    TBA    ACCR    Czech Republic
  • 18 (Reserve)    TBA    ACCR    Czech Republic

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