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Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM Endurance World Championship & World Cup

Further to the previous communication on the above matter, made on the 15th July 2021– click here to view – and following the Team Managers briefing held during this year’s 12 Hours of Estoril, the FIM is pleased to open its call for expressions of interest (tenders) in order to identify a single supplier of FIM Homologated fuel quick-fill system for the FIM Endurance World Championship and World Cup from 2022 (transitional year) to 2031.

Running from 1st September 2021 and closing on 15th October 2021, all aspects of the project to be undertaken are included in the tender document in attached file along with the contact details of the FIM persons responsible and to whom candidates should submit their formal expression of interest.

After the aforementioned closing date, all candidatures will be thoroughly reviewed and evaluated against the specifications and criteria set out, with the eventual selected supplier having been clearly identified as the party offering the best and most complete solution to the outlined project.

Formal notification and announcement of the successful candidature will be made in due course sometime after 15th October 2021, and only once the review process has been concluded.

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Competing on the event’s Valle di Staffora route for the third and final time, day three of the ninety-fifth International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) saw Italy extend their lead in both the World Trophy and Junior World Trophy competitions, once again mastering the rough, dry, and dusty special tests. Just as on days one and two, the USA topped the Women’s World Trophy class while Josep Garcia (KTM) was again the day’s outright fastest rider.

Marking the mid-way point of the race, it was again Italy that led the way in the World Trophy competition, extending their overall advantage from one-minute twenty-two seconds to three minutes and twenty seconds. Edging ever further ahead of Spain, Italy’s riders Andrea Verona (GASGAS), Davide Guarneri (Fantic), Thomas Oldrati (Honda), and Matteo Cavallo (TM), all delivered strong performances.

With gaps starting to increase between teams, despite dropping further behind Italy, Spain were able to edge further ahead of the USA, extending their advantage to one-minute and forty-eight seconds. Once again led by the day’s overall fastest rider Josep Garcia (KTM), Spain remains best placed to capitalise should any issues beset Italy during the last half of the event.

“I’ve really enjoyed battling with Andrea (Verona) today, when you have to fight for every second and keep pushing, pushing, pushing all the day, it’s the best way to race,” commented Garcia following a day-long battle with Italy’s fastest World Trophy rider. “I knew coming into today that it would be like that, and my goal was just to keep on pushing. It’s been a good day for the team as well. We can all look forward to a new course tomorrow.”

With France having held down the fourth-place spot through days one and two, at the end of day three it was Sweden, helped by strong performances by both Albin Elowson (Husqvarna) and Mikael Persson (KTM) who moved into fourth. After three days of competition the two nations are separated by less than ten seconds.

The end of day three saw no change in the overall top five in the Junior World Trophy category with Italy now more than three minutes ahead and finishing fastest on the day. Comfortably ahead of the USA, who in turn sit ahead of France, Italy’s juniors seem determined to match their senior teammates every step of the way at this year’s ISDE.

Just over a minute outside of the top three in fourth, Sweden enjoyed a strong day three, unquestionably helped by Max Ahlin (Husqvarna), who ended the day as the eighth fastest rider overall. “I’m really pleased with the way things have gone today, and a little surprised,” admitted Ahlin. “I tried to push a little more on the last test on day two and found some good speed. I guess I brought that speed into today and everything worked out great. I liked today’s test, but I’m looking forward to new tests tomorrow. Let’s see how the last few days go for our team.”

One notable change in the Junior World Trophy competition was Finland dropping from sixth at the end of day two to fourteenth and last at the close of day three. With team rider Peetu Juupaluoma (Husqvarna), are exiting the event, Finland became the first Junior World Trophy team to drop to two riders. Benefiting the most, Chile moved into sixth

The top three nations in the Women’s World Trophy class are the same as they were at the end of day two with the USA ahead of Great Britain and Spain. Now close to nine minutes ahead of Great Britain, team USA once again saw Brandy Richards (KTM) lead the way as she set the pace as the fastest outright female competitor.

Just as the USA extended their advantage over Great Britain, so did Great Britain extend their lead over Spain. The two countries are now separated by close to one minute. More than one hour now separates the fastest Women’s World Trophy team, the USA, from Italy, who sit eighth in class.

After enjoying a sizeable margin of victory as the outright fastest rider on day two, on day three Josep Garcia (KTM) was just under three seconds faster than Andrea Verona (GASGAS) with Mikael Persson (KTM) third.

Verona and Persson also sat at the top of the Enduro1 class results on day three with Italy’s Davide Guarneri (Fantic) enjoying his best day of the event so far in third.

In Enduro2 it was again all about Josep Garcia (KTM) with USA’s Taylor Robert second fastest despite a big crash in the opening special test. Producing his best result of the event so far, Sweden’s Albin Elowson (Husqvarna) placed third fastest E2 class rider.

“It’s been a strange day for me,” confirmed Taylor Robert. “I crashed hard on the first test, then felt great on the final test, but my times don’t seem to tell the same story. Other than that, I’m just pleased to get through today. The tests and some of the time controls are super beat up now, tomorrow’s new trails and tests can’t come soon enough.”

Italian riders Matteo Cavallo (TM) and Matteo Pavoni (TM) put in the two fastest Enduro3 class times on day three, closely followed by Spain’s Jaume Betriu (KTM) in third.

The FIM International Six Days of Enduro continues on day four with competitors taking on the new one hundred and ninety-eight-kilometre Valle di Curone lap.

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Continuing what they started on day one of the ninety-fifth running of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE), Italy proved on day two to again be the nation to beat in both the World Trophy and Junior World Trophy classes. With close battles across all categories, the USA extended their lead to five minutes in the Women’s World Trophy competition while the day’s overall fastest competitor was again Josep Garcia (KTM).

Knowing what to expect as they competed on the same trails and, with one notable exception, the same special tests as on day one, day two was dry and dusty for all competitors. Just as on day one, nothing significantly affected any of the leading nation’s top riders, meaning it was all about the important special test performances.

With all of their World Trophy team riders finishing inside the top ten of the overall individual classification on day two, Italy stretched their overall lead in the World Trophy standings to one minute and twenty-two seconds. With Andrea Verona (GASGAS) the event’s fastest Enduro1 class rider, and Matteo Cavallo (TM) the event’s fastest Enduro 3 competitor, together with solid performances from Thomas Oldrati (Honda), and Davide Guarneri (Fantic), Italy served up another impressive team performance.

Boosted by the fact Josep Garcia (KTM) ended day two as the overall fastest rider, Spain also enjoyed a positive second day of competition. Not allowing Italy to get too far ahead, Spain are very much ensuring they keep themselves in the running, as the event nears its mid-way point.

“My goal for today was to be more aggressive than I was on day one,” commented Spain’s Josep Garcia at the end of the day. “I wasn’t quite myself on day one. I pushed hard today and it worked really well. It was a good day for me and also team Spain. All of our riders are going well. If I can stay like this all week, I will be happy.”

Rounding out the top three in the World Trophy team competition, the USA finished third on day two to hold third overall while France and Sweden rounded out the top five.

Extending their lead in the Junior World Trophy competition by a little over forty seconds, Italy were again the team to beat, but were pushed hard by an on-form USA. With Matteo Pavoni (TM) and Lorenzo Macoritto (TM) respectively sixth and seventh in the day’s overall individual results, together with Manolo Morettini (KTM), Italy stepped closer to the Junior World trophy title.

With Dante Oliveira (KTM) mixing it with the World Trophy team riders near the top of the overall results on day two, the USA moved ahead of France, and again delivered a strong result. From two seconds down on France, the USA now sit forty-two seconds ahead. Behind Italy, USA, and France, Sweden hold fourth ahead of Spain and Finland.

Close to six minutes ahead in the Women’s World Trophy category, the USA extended their WWT team lead to complete another day untroubled. Behind them, Spain, who had finished as their closest challengers on day one, dropped to third as Great Britain jumped into the runner-up spot. Less than thirty seconds separate Spain and Great Britain after two full days of competition.

In finishing second fastest overall, Andrea Verona (GASGAS) ended day two as the quickest Enduro1 class rider, but with Sweden’s Mikael Persson (KTM) snapping at his heals.

“I was a little bit nervous this morning, starting up front, having taken advantage of a good starting position on day one. I tried to do my own race, just focusing on my own riding. It’s great to be up there with the top guys and near the front in E1. I just feel good, and I want to do my best for the team,” explained Persson.”

All finishing inside the overall top ten, Lorenzo Macoritto (TM), Davide Guarneri (Fantic) and Theo Espinasse (Honda) round out the top five in Enduro1.

There was never any question who would top the Enduro2 class on day two as Josep Garcia (KTM) upped his determination levels, and his speed, to dominate both his class and the overall. Finishing comfortably ahead of USA’s Taylor Robert (KTM), Garcia set a pace no one could get close to. Thomas Oldrati (Honda) was the third fastest E2 class rider.

At the top of the Enduro 3 classification TM and Italy teammates Matteo Cavallo and Matteo Pavoni finished three seconds apart and ahead of Spain’s Jaume Betriu (KTM).

Just as she did on day one, USA’s Brandy Richards was comfortably the fastest female competitor.

The FIM International Six Days of Enduro continues on day three as competitors take on the one hundred and ninety five-kilometres Valle Staffora lap for the third and final time.

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Host nation Italy have made the best possible start to the ninety-fifth edition of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) with winning team performances in both the World Trophy and Junior World trophy classes. The much-anticipated opening day of competition also saw the USA top the Women’s World Trophy result with Josep Garcia (KTM) posting the day’s fastest overall individual performance.

A largely dry and dusty day of competition with little in the way of shock results or unfortunate DNFs, it was Andrea Verona (GASGAS), Davide Guarneri (Fantic), Thomas Oldrati (Honda), and Matteo Cavallo (TM) who, at the end of the one hundred and ninety five-kilometre, six special test day, collectively sat at the top of the World Trophy team results, 52.37 seconds ahead of Spain, with the USA close behind in third.

Right from the off, the three nations all delivered impressive collective performances, with Italy unquestionably helped by the strong showings of Andrea Verona (GASGAS) and Matteo Cavallo (TM). Fast from the off, Verona held a slender outright individual lead with just one special test to go, falling twice on the final test and allowing Spain’s Josep Garcia (KTM) to go on and top the individual results with relative ease. In doing so Garcia helped Spain secure a strong second.

“I had a big battle with Josep Garcia all day, which was really good,” explained Verona at the end of the day. “I was ahead after the penultimate test and, well, I had a small fall in the final test and lost time. I somehow got some soil into my front brake lever, which meant the front brake was stuck on for a while. It was very strange. Then we had some rain and with the brake not so good I crashed again. Anyway, I’m happy. I had a good day and so did the team.”

While Italy hold the provisional World Trophy team lead at the end of day one, their advantage is anything but substantial. Less than one minute behind Italy, Spain’s Jaume Betriu (KTM), Josep Garcia (KTM), Marc Sans (Husqvarna), and Cristobal Guerrero (Beta) all successfully completed the day, keeping up the pressure on their European rivals and managing to stay ahead of the USA.

Sitting strong in third, the USA, led by former outright ISDE winner Taylor Robert (KTM), completed the day with incredibly similar overall special test times from each of their four riders. Despite Robert crashing on the opening test, the team looks set to battle with Spain and Italy throughout the event.

“I felt really good in the first test, but went down pretty hard and busted up my elbow a little,” explained Robert after the race. “It took a little while to get my rhythm back again. Josep and Andrea were on fire, but I had a decent day, and importantly so did the USA Trophy team. The enduro test wasn’t easy on a 450, but the tests were great. We’re in for a good week of racing.”

Behind the top three, France rounded out the opening day in fourth, a little under thirty seconds behind the USA. With Sweden fifth, helped by an impressive ride by Mikael Persson (KTM), Canada, Portugal, Brazil, the Czech Republic and Finland rounded out the top ten.

As it was in the World Trophy class, in the Junior World Trophy category Italy ended day one on top. Just over one minute ahead of France, who in turn finished less than two seconds up on the USA, the three Italians of Lorenzo Macoritto (TM), Manolo Morettini (KTM), and Matteo Pavoni (TM) showed that just like their senior countrymen they are focused on doing just one thing this week – winning. So fast was team member Matteo Pavoni (TM) that he finished as the day’s outright second fastest rider, just twenty-one seconds behind Josep Garcia (KTM).

Not allowing Italy to get too far ahead, France secured a deserved runner-up result thanks to Luc Fargier (GASGAS), Leo Le Quere (Sherco), and Antoine Criq (Beta) as the trio also kept themselves ahead of the USA. France, who sit one minute behind Italy, but also narrowly ahead of the USA, have a lot to play for on day two. Equally, they have a lot to lose to the USA should any of their riders make any costly mistakes.

One better than their World Trophy teammates who sit fifth, Sweden hold fourth in the Junior World Trophy standings ahead of Spain and Finland, with Chile, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Norway rounding out the top ten.

Ending day one with the biggest advantage of all the national teams, the USA stamped their authority on the Women’s World Trophy class with a highly impressive winning result. Collectively Brandy Richards (KTM), Rachel Gutish (Husqvarna), and Britney Gallegos (Husqvarna) sit three minutes and eighteen seconds ahead of Spain.

“I started out riding a little tight, but I progressed throughout the day,” commented Richards. “The tests were mostly long and fast, but they were fun to ride. The dirt and traction was different from place to place, but it was a good day for me.”

With Spain holding down second, and Great Britain third, it was Portugal and France who rounded out the top five with all eight Women’s World Trophy teams making it to the finish of the day.

Despite his falls in the final special test of the day, Andrea Verona (GASGAS) finished day one at the top of the Enduro1 class results, close to ten seconds ahead of Sweden’s Mikael Persson (KTM). Delivering one of the standout rides of the day, Persson found himself as the Swedish filling in an Italian sandwich with Verona ahead of him and Junior World Trophy team rider Lorenzo Macoritto (TM) behind him.

Although not entirely happy with the way he rode throughout the day, Spain’s Jose Garcia (KTM) has already opened up a near one-minute advantage at the top of the Enduro2 class, ahead of USA’s Taylor Robert (KTM) and Italy’s Thomas Oldrati (Honda).

“My day was good, even if I took a lot of dust in some of the special tests, which made things tricky,” explained Garcia. “Also, I didn’t feel perfect on my bike. I’m not sure why, but anyway the day was good and I managed to win the overall too. I hope that tomorrow I can ride like I did on the final test today, and we’ll keep pushing as a team.”

With World Trophy team riders topping the Enduro1 and Enduro2 class result, in Enduro3 it was Italian Junior World Trophy team rider Matteo Pavoni (TM) who topped the time sheets. Fifteen seconds ahead of countryman Matteo Cavallo (TM), Pavoni kept experienced racers like the USA’s Ryan Sipes (GASGAS) and Spain’s Jaume Betriu (KTM) behind him.

At the top of the individual Women’s class results it was the USA’s Brandy Richards (KTM), one minute and forty-seven ahead of Great Britain’s Jane Daniels (Fantic), with Spain’s Mireia Badia (GASGAS) third.

The FIM International Six Days of Enduro continues on day two with riders repeating the one hundred and ninety five-kilometre Valle di Staffora lap.

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After all the FIM EWC races held behind closed doors since August 2020, fans will once again attend the Bol d’Or on 18 and 19 September on the Paul Ricard circuit. There will be no limit on the number of spectators. Members of the public will merely have to show a health passport and their ticket to attend the third round of the FIM Endurance World Championship, which is set to be a hotly contested race.

Excellent news for Endurance fans: they will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the race at the Paul Ricard circuit on 18 and 19 September. The French authorities have confirmed that the Bol d’Or can host spectators in unlimited numbers so long as they can show a valid health passport.

The 24-hour race in Le Castellet will feel special for the spectators at the circuit as well as for the teams, who will once again experience the enthusiasm of fans in packed grandstands, the very particular atmosphere of the race start and finish and the magic of riding at night.

A not-to-miss edition
After being cancelled in 2020, the 2021 Bol d’Or is set to be a one-of-a-kind event, not just in the grandstands but on the track. Following two spectacular and hotly-fought rounds at Le Mans and Estoril, the races for the 2021 FIM EWC title and the FIM Superstock World Cup win are wide open. A narrow points gap separates the favourites leading the provisional standings. Yoshimura SERT Motul won the 24 Heures Motos but stumbled at the 12 Hours of Estoril. F.C.C. TSR Honda France had a tough time at Le Mans and won in Portugal. BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team finished 3rd in both races despite crashes. But Webike SRC Kawasaki France Trickstar, who finished 2nd at Le Mans and at Estoril, top the provisional standings with a 5-point lead over F.C.C. TSR Honda France. We can also expect YART–Yamaha Official EWC Team, ERC Endurance-Ducati, VRD Igol Experiences, Wójcik Racing Team and Moto Ain to feature in the leading pack at the Bol d’Or. A similar clash is set to take place in the Superstock class. The leader in the FIM World Cup standings, National Motos, are only 2 points ahead of BMRT 3D Maxxess Nevers.

The Bol d’Or is a party
The Bol d’Or is also one big party on the Paul Ricard circuit and this year there will be a concert by the rock group The Limiñanas on Saturday 18 September evening with the young group Cheap Teen opening for them.

All weekend long, fans will be able to check out the live events and exhibitors at the Bol d’Or Village and wander around the paddock to see all the competing teams.

A not-to-miss edition!

Sophie Casasnovas, president of Larivière Organisation, the organizer of the Bol d’Or
“The cancellation of the 2020 Bol d’Or, like many other sporting events, came as a shock for the competitors as well as all our spectators. It has been more than a year since the start of the pandemic, and I am thrilled that we can once again welcome the riders and fans. We’re fortunate enough to be able to do so in the proper conditions, with no limit on numbers. The health passport and barrier gestures will not stop fans from fully enjoying the show on the track and the live events taking place throughout the weekend.

See you in 3 weeks at a full-on motorcycling fiesta!”

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