This year, the Women Bikers Association in collaboration with Inked Sisterhood and Throttle Queens organised a short circuit ride within Nairobi to mark the 17th IFRD attracting over 70 female bikers and enthusiasts who came out to commemorate the day in Kenya.

This was followed by an in-person event hosted to demystify stereotypes of female riders and provide basic information a beginner would be seeking to get into biking.

A diverse panel composing of women as young as 19 and veterans, business owners, and a bike trainer discussed business opportunities in motorcycling, female bikers at the workplace, getting back to biking after an accident, training opportunities, and motocross biking for women.

Later, the ladies had an opportunity to interact and share the realities of women who ride as mothers, professionals, daughters in law, businessmen, etc

The day ended with a highlight of the ladies testing out various BMW demo bikes availed by sponsors and got all necessary information on the various models.

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