The Husqvarna Racing National cross country team solidified their dominance once again this weekend at the magnificent Virginia Trails venue in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal. The final round of the South African championship provided extremely challenging conditions from dust in the outset of the race to rain and slippery wet conditions after the first racing lap.

Brett Swanepoel came out swinging and wrapped up his 10th South African championship putting his Husqvarna FX350 on the top step of the OR2 class which also gave him the number one spot in the Overall championship standing.
Brett Swanepoel confirmed his satisfaction saying, “I am so happy to wrap up this championship in these challenging conditions. It was extremely easy to make a mistake today in the dust and then in the rain which followed so I am happy with my composure and glad I kept my mistakes to the absolute bare minimum wrapping up my 10th SA title”
Virginia Trails also saw the return of Davin Cocker to the OR3 class after ACL knee reconstruction surgery after round 1 earlier this season. Cocker had a point to prove and started off his day with a phenomenal time trail blitzing the OR3 competition. Cocker managed to keep a clean pair of heels all day despite some goggle issues and small errors, he brought his Husqvarna FC250 home in first place once again proving he is the man to beat heading into 2023.
Grant Frerichs, group team manager, commented, “I am so glad our riders are safe after today’s racing. Cooler heads prevailed today and both Davin and Brett did what they needed to do to win their classes. 2022 was a challenging year for the team in many aspects but we are proud to walk away with a class championship and the overall win thanks to Brett Swanepoel. Thank you to all of our team as well as our supporting sponsors, ee you in 2023”

Published by:  Grant Frerichs

Photography by:  Mpho Ramathikithi for ZCMC

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