Picture Caption: Women Team and official representatives MotoGP Qatar 2022 © PSP/Lukasz Swiderekphere / Divers

Today 8 March, on International Women´s Day the governing bodies of motor sport FIM and FIA together celebrate the gender equal world with a joint campaign presenting women who have been able to break the bias in motorcycling and motorsport.

Both federations FIM and FIA are committed to this cause for years and have worked hard to promote diversity and inclusion, inspiring, encouraging and helping women to take their place, both on track and off track.

FIM and FIA will carry out other actions together during the year, to further demonstrate that women have their place in motor sports and create opportunities for them in all the field of activities. It is a long-term commitment as there is still a long road ahead but that is crucial not only to our sports, but society as a whole.

FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission Director Nita Korhonen
This year´s IWD Campaign theme is very close to us as motorsport is the perfect arena where to break the bias and demonstrate that any barriers that might have existed in the old days should not prevent anyone to reach for their dreams. Both FIM and FIA are strongly against any kind of discrimination and today we want to show together that any woman who want to join motorcycling or motor sport is more than welcome to do so.

FIA Women in Motorsport Commission President Deborah Mayer
Both FIA and FIM have an important role to play in leading motorsports into a new era of further inclusivity. We must continue to work with determination to create a more visible and more accessible pathway for young females. Talent has absolutely nothing to do with gender and sport which is intended to bring people together should include, not exclude.

I welcome with great pleasure the partnership between FIM and FIA and by joining forces, we will be able to go further in the creation of motor sports centered around inclusivity and opportunities.

It is crucial for me to promote diversity, by showing young women that motor sport can offer them many opportunities in all sectors around the world.

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