The 2022 FIM Commissions Conference took place at the Grand Hôtel de Divonne in Divonne les Bains (France) and via videoconference from 11 to 13 February. This Conference was a unique opportunity for more than 300 FIM Family Members from all around the world, such as Board of Directors Members, Commissions Directors and Members as well as FIM World Championships promoters and Race Directors to meet and share ideas and expertise, all driven by a common passion for motorcycling.

For the first time ever, a SuperLicence Seminars plenary session was organised in the framework of of the Commissions meetings on Friday 11 February.
On this occasion, many topics were addressed, in particular, the energy transition, the FIM’s sound level reduction strategy, the new rules in circuit racing related to safety, the safeguarding policy, the athletes’ safety and wellbeing as well as the antidoping programme.
In addition, Niels Wittich, FIA Formula 2 and Formula 3 Race Director, set the scene with a keynote speech on “motor-sport competitions’ decision-making process – perspectives and implications at national and international level”.
This first plenary session was concluded with a roundtable, animated by Gavin Emmett, to which Niels Wittich was joined by Jorge Viegas, FIM President; Phil Morris, FIM Speedway World Championship Race Director; Stuart Higgs, British Superbike Championship Race Director and Mike Webb, MotoGP Race Director, to address the roles and duties of Race Directors in various motorcycling disciplines. In the afternoon, a training workshop on the topic “Leading through change” addressed to the Secretaries General of the National Federations and Continental Unions was organised. Additionally, various SuperLicence Seminars on several disciplines took place in parallel on Friday afternoon.

Following on from the 2020 initiative, the FIM President invited the new 2022 FIM Championship Promoters, Adam Bailey, SX Global; François Ribeiro, Discovery Sports Events; Charles Cuypers, A.S.O.; Bernard Estripeau, S2; Events to join the second plenary session of the weekend, that took place on Saturday morning. On the theme of “On the road to the future”, each Promoter explained the main changes, projects and challenges for the year to come and the near future. During this meeting, the FIM Legacy project was addressed. A first architectural model of the new administrative building with a space dedicated to the technical laboratory (FIM Tech Lab) was presented. It was reminded that the current FIM Headquarters would be transformed into a motorcycle sport museum/Hall of Fame to be managed by the International Foundation for Motorcycling (IFM).

Long and loyal service awards were presented to the following members:

10 years’ service in 2020: PADMANABHAN Roop Kumar Gajala (FMSCI) – CTI; KING Paul (ACU) – CCR; ADAMO Leonzio (FMI) – CID; STEELE Anthony (ACU) – CCP; WULVERYCK Jean-François (FRMM) – CTT
15 years’ service in 2020: CASTAGNA Armando (FMI) – CCP; CASTANEDA Luis Fernando (FNMG) – CTL; DI FILIIPPO Giancarlo (FMI) – CMI; FERRETTI Gianfranco (FSM) – CTI; FREAK Keith (ACU) – CTL; KNYSZEWSKSA Aleksandra (PZM) – CFM; KORHONEN Nita (FIM) – CFM; LARAICHI Abdallah (FRMM) – CTL; MARIANO Pedro (FMP) – CEN; NEUHÄUSER Susanne (AMF) – CFM-CCP (referee); OELSCHLEGEL Iris (DMSB) – CFM-CTR (consultant)
15 years’ service in 2021: CHRISTENSEN Jesper (SVEMO) – CPM; COLLINS John (ACU) – CEN; JOHANSSON Roger (SVEMO) – CTI; LAZZAROTTI Monica (FMI) – CMI; OURIMI Nejib Mohamed (FTM) – CPM; PINTARICH Franz (AMF) – CTL; VERMEULEN Pieter-Paul (KNMV) – CMI
20 years’ service in 2020: KRONBORG Finn (DMU) – CPM
20 years’ service in 2021: ENEROTH Patricia (SVEMO) – CEN; LAZAR Peter (SMF) – CEN; RIBEIRO Pedro (FMP) – CCR; RITA José (FMP) – CTT
25 years’ service in 2021: VUORENSOLA Sakari (SML) – LJI
30 years’ service in 2021: SYRUCEKK Martin (ACCR) – CMI; WONGSAWAN Kraitos (FMCT) – CEB
35 years’ service in 2021: BOURGUIGNON Jacques (FMB) – LJI and 100th birthday in 2022
Honorary Members 2020: BIRJUKOVA Nina (LaMSF) – CMS; BRODIE Graham (ACU) – CCP; CEYSSENS Christiaan (FMB) – CTL; CHATTERTON-ROSS John (ACU) – CAP
Honorary Members 2021 – Posthumously: GRODZKI Wojciech (PZM) – CCP; RIBBINK Johan-Pieter (KNMV) – CMS
Member of Honour 2021: DEMATHIEU Charly (FMB)

Over the weekend all thirteen sporting and non-sporting Commissions as well as the List of International Judges conducted their own meetings to work on projects and priorities for 2022. The efforts and hard work of all participants and stakeholders over the three days were recognised and rewarded as the entire FIM Family got together for a cocktail reception held at the FIM Headquarters on Saturday evening.

Expressing his satisfaction, FIM President Jorge Viegas said: “I am pleased with the success of this 2022 Commissions Conference which gathered more than 300 FIM Family Members from all around the world. This event is a key opportunity to meet and prepare the upcoming season. I would like to extend my gratitude to our Commissions Directors and Members who, thanks to their expertise and commitment, strongly contribute to the high quality of the FIM events and programmes. This event is also about thanking and rewarding the volunteers for their dedication and service to the FIM. The presence of the new FIM World Championships promoters starting as of 2022 was also greatly appreciated. We can be proud of the tremendous achievements during 2021 and I am looking forward to another exciting 2022 season.”

Picture Caption: FIM Family picture at the Grand Hôtel de Divonne in Divonne les Bains (France) © Patrice Moullet

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