With its original roots traced back to Italy, the now Brazilian based tyre company Borilli Racing is the most recent brand to join the freshly launched FIM Quality Product (FQP) trademark licensing programme. Already the market leader in their home country, Borilli are now focused on establishing the brand in Europe and fully recognise the importance of having the FQP trademark being associated with its products as they look to raise awareness across this new territory.

FIM Rider Green Ambassador and former FIM Enduro World Champion Alex Salvini heads up a roster of professional athletes through which Borilli has developed high quality tyres. This is reflected in the 7 Days Enduro Borilli range that includes the 7 Days Enduro; 7 Days Enduro Soft; and 7 Days Extreme Enduro tyres, all of which will carry the FQP trademark.

Salvini, alongside his S2 Motorsport team-mates will spearhead Borilli’s EnduroGP efforts this season, as the company looks to gather more valuable data across a range of terrain to further develop their tyres to ensure maximum performance and durability at the highest level of competition.

The knowledge and success gained through their racing programme will assist Borilli as they look to identify and appoint exclusive distributors in all the key European countries so that they are then able to offer consumers throughout the continent the opportunity to use and experience their high-quality range. This business and brand expansion drive will benefit greatly from the product range having the FQP trademark both in terms of consumer confidence and recognition of Borilli tyres meeting the relevant European standards.

As is the case with all applicants, the FIM International Technical Commission is responsible for assessing the manufacturer’s product being submitted to the programme, taking into account any accreditation, certification or quality recognition previously obtained, as well as its compliance with reliable international industry standards.
Delighted to welcome yet another company to the FQP programme Fabio Muner, FIM Marketing & Communication Director said. “Even though the FIM Quality Product programme is still relatively young there is already growing recognition and understanding about its value as a marketing tool and about the credibility it adds to the brand and the products that carry the FQP licensed trademark. We are pleased to welcome Borilli to the programme and to support them as they look to establish themselves in the European market.”  

Renato Borilli, President of Borilli Racing Group added. “I couldn’t be prouder to bring Borilli tyres to the European market in such a high note. The FIM Quality Product licensed trademark  ensures that we are on the right path, pursuing the highest standards and ensuring to the riders the best performance. I’m personally grateful to have reached this level since we have put huge effort and investment into the European market. We definitely believe we are now ready to take on the European trails.”

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