For the first time ever and as a consequence of the sanitary protection measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the FIM Board of Directors met via videoconference on 21 May 2020.

During this second 2020 meeting, the Board addressed many topics, in particular:

COVID-19 pandemic: The Board expressed its thoughts to all FIM Family members impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its gratitude to all FIM stakeholders working for the resumption of motorcycling in these difficult times.

Indeed, many sporting and non-sporting events were postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic and led the FIM to develop a crisis budget and to freeze many investments.

However, the FIM declared its solidarity with its FMNs, riders, organisers by taking the following main decisions:

FMNs were exempted of the 2020 membership fees, cancellation fees would not be applied should the events be cancelled due to the pandemic, project subsidies would be allocated, the validity of the officials licences would be extended until March 2021 and a 2020 FIM Solidarity Trophy would be awarded.

The Board also wished to highlight the strong support of and cooperation with its promoters during this crisis. The Board stressed its desire of being optimistic and not to let anything defeat motorcycling sport.

Sport: All sporting disciplines were discussed and impacted by this lockdown period with events being rescheduled or cancelled. During the times of the pandemic, the Board agreed to decrease the minimum number of events per series (in all the FIM disciplines) while still considering them as FIM World Championships or Cups and to allow the 2020 sporting season to extend in 2021 as a last resort to complete a FIM World Championship or Cup.

It was also agreed to reduce the promotional costs for the FIM Trial GPs and to apply no calendar fee for the E-Bike events. Ongoing and positive negotiations and communication took place with KTM/WESS with regards to the FIM Hard Enduro World Cup, it was expected that a final agreement be reached within a short period.

Early March, the FIM met with ASO, organisers, team managers, riders and manufacturers regarding rally safety.

The main objective of this constructive meeting was to reduce the number of accidents and to increase safety in all rally events, with a particular focus on the Dakar Rally.

The Board decided to launch a reflection on the esports opportunities.
Ethical Chamber: Mrs Clotilde GALY, former CJI Member and then Director for 25 years, was newly appointed by the Board to the Ethical Chamber.

Finance: The Board approved the 2019 Audited Financial Statements and agreed with a 2020 crisis budget as a consequence of the pandemic.
2020 FIM and CONUs General Assemblies and FIM Awards: These institutional events were also impacted by the pandemic.

The FIM Europe Congress had to be postponed and would take place, like other CONUs GAs, within the framework of the FIM GA.

The Board concluded that no date for the 2020 FIM GA and FIM Awards could be set for the time being, neither its format, due to the sanitary protection measures.

The Board decided to postpone the 2020 FIM Trophies Programmes to 2021 due to the lockdown which led to the impossibility for all those involved in world motorcycling to propose candidates.

We, the riders campaign (WTR): During this lock-down period, the FIM launched the #RidersAtHome campaign, which was supported by many FMNs, riders and promoters. The FIM digital communication significantly increased and served as support for the FIM Family to share solidarity messages and initiatives.

Seminars and on-line trainings: The Board also discussed the on-going revision of the training and seminar system with the objectives of mainly clarifying the education mission of the FIM, simplifying the organisation of education activities (seminars, training camps, internal formation) and creating a framework that defines roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Amendments to Codes: Revisions to the Statutes and By-Laws were voted on (submitted to approval by the GA).

Commissions: the following adjustments to the composition of the Commissions were agreed by the Board:

CJI – Member, Mr Santiago PUIG VILADOMIU, Spain (RFME). This candidature would be submitted to the GA for approval
CAP – Member, Mr Maksym SITNICKI (FMU)

In addition, the Board ratified the retirement of Mr John CHATTERTON-ROSS (ACU) at the end of August 2020 from the CAP and the resignation of Mr Michael WEISS (DMSB) from the CTL.

In addition, the CONU Presidents then reported to the Board on the latest developments on their continents. The Board Committees and the departments of the Administration presented the progress of their projects.

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