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The National Cross Country Championship officially kicks off at Legends MX this weekend. Husqvarna Racing’s Davin Cocker will once again represent the team in the OR3 Class as he attempts to defend his hard-fought 2021 championship title. The young talent has also returned to his motocross roots this season in the highly competitive MX2 Class.

As he gears up for national glory and one of his most promising seasons yet, Cocker shares his thoughts:

You’re stepping into the season as the reigning OR3 Champion. How do you plan to defend that title in 2022?

I learnt a lot last year – I came out of every race with something new that I picked up on.
My biggest lesson was that pace and consistency go well together, and I believe that’s what will help keep the points up this year.

Tell us about your weapon of choice this season and why you believe it could be the winning machine.

I’m very excited to be back on the Husqvarna FC 250 this season! It’s such a comfortable, nimble machine that packs the power to keep some of the bigger bikes at bay.

Some might find it surprising to hear that you’ve signed up for the 2022 motocross season as well. How did this come about?

I raced motocross for most my life until I decided to give Cross Country a go in 2018. I missed motocross, so I jumped at the opportunity the team offered me to get back into it. It’s so exciting to be hitting some jumps again! I know that motocross will ultimately help me with my pace and consistency in Cross Country too.

What has your pre-season training involved?

My training programme really worked for me last season, so not much has changed except for adding in a lot more bike time. I also hope to get the chance to practice on some new terrain to challenge and ultimately better myself as a rider.

What are your goals with the Husqvarna Racing team?

For now my obvious goal is to try my best to finish at the top of the OR3 Class. I would also like to possibly look at going up to the FX 350 next year, but let’s first see how this season goes. My longer term goal is to go to the Dakar Rally.

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