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Larina MacGregor, Clerk of the Course of the DJ Run, has had to cancel the 2021 event, but hopes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the DJ Run commemorative regularity rally in March 22.

The 2020 DJ Run commemorative regularity rally for motorcycles made before 1937 has been cancelled. The event was to have started in Hillcrest, outside Durban, on March 12 and finished in Johannesburg the following day after an overnight stop in Newcastle.

Clerk of the Course Larina MacGregor says the intention is to stage the event again in March 2022 when it will mark the 50th staging of a commemorative rally between the two cities. The famous event was originally a race on public roads staged between 2013 and 1936 after which it was banned on the grounds of safety as traffic on these roads increased.

This is one of several major motoring events that have already been cancelled this year. These include the George and Knysna motor shows and the 1000 Bike Show in Gauteng.

However, the organisers of the Simola Hillclimb in Knysna are hoping to stage their event between 2-5 September, while the Pretoria Old Motor Club says it is still on track to stage its Cars in the Park motoring expo at the Zwartkops Raceway, near Pretoria, on August 1.

The 20th international Passion for Speed race meeting, which was originally scheduled to be held at the Zwartkops Raceway on 29-31 January, is now to be staged from 18-20 June.


FIM Africa held a very successful virtual general assembly on 7 November 2020, with English – French interpretation via Interacio. All Items were unanimously approved including the amendments to the Statutes.

“This was the first Virtual GA and was a learning curve for us; it turned out very well and we were pleased with the number of delegates who took the time to join us. While some FMN’s had connectivity difficulties the turnout was as good as expected. This is definitely a means of meetings for the future especially for Africa, which is such a vast continent”, said the President Marco Comana.

There were 11 Federations in attendance i.e. Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritania, Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia out of a total of 15 affiliated members.

While the Executive Council also held its 4th Virtual meeting for 2020 in preparation for the GA.


Having worked with Clive Mawson for a number of years in the Touring, Leisure and Road Safety Commission of which he was the able Chairman, I was sad to hear that Clive died recently. He was a very efficient Chairman who conducted meetings in a disciplined, but humorous way.

Clive appreciated the effort being made in Kenya to encourage the wearing of safety helmets and he quickly realized that the Africa Concours d’Elegance which has been recognized and sanctioned by FIM Africa since 2006 illustrated the work of the Touring, Leisure and Road Safety Commission.

At the last meeting which I attended he expressed a hope that he would be selected to represent FIM Africa at the 2017 Concours. I was very happy that he was chosen to attend the event. His participation was top class.

From the time of his arrival on the Friday before the event he worked closely with the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Committee which is responsible for running the Concours.

Clive’s Concours weekend started on Friday with the keynote speech at the welcome dinner for competitors from outside Kenya and continued with a pre event familiarisation visit to the Nairobi Racecourse.

On Concours Day Clive mixed his work with short breaks as a spectator. After the parade of all the competing cars and motorcycles he joined senior officials and sponsors for the awards ceremony.

Clive presented several of the top prizes to successful competitors and spoke briefly to give his impression of the Concours day. He was full of praise for the event and the additional attractions which included a motor trade section and the Heritage Collection of old equipment and machinery.

He concluded his speech by expressing the hope that he would be selected again to represent FIM Africa at a future Concours d’Elegance. Sadly his wish was never fulfilled.

Published by: Bob Dewar


It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the passing away of Clive Mawson from Zimbabwe, Clive played an integral part in Leisure and Touring for FIM AFRICA and served as an Executive Council member for many years.

FIM AFRICA and the FIM extends condolences to the Mawson family, our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Dear African FMN’s,

After much deliberation and debate, it has been decided that in light of the COVID-19 situation we all find ourselves in, Council has agreed to postpone the two 2020 Continental Championship events, as well as the Commission and General Assembly meetings.  The travel restrictions as well as the effect on our economies in Africa were taken into account when this decision was made, and it was felt that it would take a while to recover from the lockdowns currently being imposed, and therefore, securing corporate sponsorships would not be easy.

The 2020 MXOAN event will be held in 2021, and the 2021 event will be moved to 2022, this postponement will affect the host Countries i.e.  Uganda and South Africa.  Council would like to encourage the WG Chairmen to meet with their members electronically during this inactive period.

The Commission meeting and GA, will be held early in 2021 (if travel restrictions are lifted) and it might likely mean having two meetings in one year to catch up. 

As I mentioned in my mail yesterday, we find ourselves in very strange circumstances and for now we will need to adapt.

Should any member have any suggestions or comments you are always welcome to send them to the Secretariat.

Park your motorcycle, stay at home, keep healthy and your immune system strong, and see you sooner than expected.

Kind regards


Chers FMN africains,

Après de longues délibérations et débats, il a été décidé qu’à la lumière de la situation COVID-19 dans laquelle nous nous trouvons tous, le Conseil a accepté de reporter les deux épreuves du Championnat continental 2020 ainsi que la Commission et l’Assemblée générale Réunions.  Les restrictions de voyage ainsi que l’effet sur nos économies en Afrique ont été pris en compte lorsque cette décision a été prise, et il a été estimé qu’il faudrait un certain temps pour se remettre des blocages actuellement imposés, et donc, la sécurisation des entreprises parrainages ne serait pas facile.  

L’événement MXOAN 2020 aura lieu en 2021, et l’événement 2021 sera déplacé jusqu’en 2022.  Cela affectera les pays hôtes, l’Ouganda et l’Afrique du Sud.  Le Conseil tient à encourager les présidents du GT À rencontrer leurs membres par voie électronique pendant cette période inactive.  

La réunion de la Commission et l’AG se tiendront au début de 2021 (si les restrictions de voyage sont levées) et cela pourrait probablement signifier avoir deux réunions en un an pour rattraper leur retard.    

Comme je l’ai mentionné dans mon courrier d’hier, nous nous trouvons dans des circonstances très étranges et pour l’instant nous devrons nous adapter.  

Si un membre a des suggestions ou des commentaires, vous êtes toujours les bienvenus pour les envoyer au Secrétariat.  

Garez votre moto, restez à la maison, gardez en bonne santé et votre système immunitaire fort, et vous voir plus tôt que prévu.

Kind regards