Please find enclosed the Press Release / FIM JuniorGP™ World Championship Technical Regulations Update: New minimum weights

The FIM and FIM Europe have published an update on the JuniorGP™ Technical Regulations: new minimum weights for the Moto2™ European Championship, and the Hawkers European Talent Cup.  

With the aim of not harming the riders of the Moto2™ European Championship -including Stock subclass- and of the Hawkers European Talent Cup that have decided to use the airbag, the minimum weight of the motorcycles will be increased by 2Kg for those riders who do not use the airbag.

As in the JuniorGP™ class, using an airbag is mandatory for all the riders, the rules for this class are not affected.

The full regulations is available HERE

These are the updated articles:
•    Moto2 Triumph: Weights
•    Moto2 Honda: 3.9.1 Weights
•    Stock: 4.6.4 Minimum weights
•    ETC: 5.6.3 Minimum weights

You can find all the results, videos, photos and information regarding the championship on the official website:

Click here to view the document

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