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Rockstar Energy Husqvarna is preparing to tap into new gears as the second half of the National Motocross Championship kicks off this weekend. The highly-anticipated event will take place at Gauteng’s Chestnut – a track renowned for its epic jumps and high levels of speed.

Fresh off his recent MX1 victory, leading rider David Goosen enters the event with one goal only – to keep his winning momentum going. While the rider has enjoyed consistent podium finishes this season, he had been itching to snatch up the seemingly elusive MX1 victory that had been evading his grasp.

“Now that I’ve finally won, I need to keep the momentum going and stay consistent with the 25-point victories. It’s my first-time racing at Chestnut – it’s still quite a new track for most of us. I’ve heard the roost can be quite bad there, so it’s going to be vital to get a good start and stay up front. Fortunately, my Husqvarna machines have been amazing off the line this year – so that’s very reassuring! I’m really happy with the setup I’ve established on both bikes.”

With his sights set on climbing to the top step in both the MX1 and MX2 Class, Goosen is confident as he looks to the season ahead: “After they cancelled the second heat in the last round, we’re exactly halfway through the season. It’s quite motivating to think that there is still so much opportunity to catch up on some points and fight for the top step of both classes! It’s been three weeks since the last round, so fitness levels are high and I’m still very much in race mode.”

Teammate Neil van der Vyver is equally as excited for the weekend ahead. Like Goosen, the youngster put on an eye-catching performance in the last round as he stormed to the Pro Mini victory.

With only nine points separating him from taking the championship lead in his class, a determined Van der Vyver commented: “I’m so excited to be back in the fight for this championship after some challenges this season. The goal is to win both heats so that I can close the gap.”

Undaunted by the speed that Chestnut requires, he added, “I’m looking forward to how fast this track is and how big the jumps are! I like how my bike feels when I practice there, so I’m confident for the weekend and ready to push for the win.”

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