Whilst we all look forward to the resumption of the 2020 FIM MotoGPTM World Championship season, the FIM is delighted to launch the third episode in the series “FIM Ride the World”, which is dedicated to Grand Prix Racing.

This championship can be easily summarised: the best riders ready to battle for victory with millions of fans – trackside and at home – cheering on their heroes: without these two key ingredients motorcycle racing could not survive.

Ever since 1904, the International Motorcycling Federation has used its passion and experience in order to tackle the most difficult technical and organisational challenges for the overall benefit of this sport.

As with the previous chapters in this series, this episode gives a voice to the hidden heroes and reveals the backstage story of the organisation behind the events and is one of the five competitions that is highlighted across five different disciplines.

After the second episode, which was dedicated to FIM Enduro World Championship, the story continues with FIM Grand Prix World Championship.

FIM President Jorge Viegas added his own words of explanation: “Like every member of the global motorcycle family, the FIM and I remain focused on resuming racing as soon as possible, but only when it is safe to do so. During every weekend of a normal racing season the FIM’s main priority is the safety of riders, the teams, the officials, the volunteers, the fans and all other parties who are involved in our sport, and now during this exceptional period of no racing our priority remains exactly the same. Whilst we continue to work with all our promoters and key stakeholders regarding the resumption of the various championships, we would like to share with you this insight into the important and amazing work done by all our FIM officials, whose collective efforts provide an increased level of safety year on year.”


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